Physical therapy for athletes and active clients involves rehabilitation, performance training, and wellness improvement. To create a physical therapy or fitness program that is tailored to each clients’ specific needs, an evaluation has to be carried out first. At Next Level Physio, we have a team of experienced specialists who will do a comprehensive evaluation to design a custom physical therapy or fitness plan that meets your individual needs.

About Next Level Physio’s Evaluation Process

During the Physio evaluation, one of our doctors of physical therapy will ask questions about your previous and current levels of function, condition, how your favorite activities are being affected, and your treatment goals. Communicate with your doctor openly about your needs, concerns, frustrations, and worries, so that a clear plan can be set for achieving your goals.  Next, your doctor of physical therapy will conduct a physical assessment. The physical assessment will include measurements of the following:

  • Range of motion
  • Strength
  • Functional mobility
  • Posture
  • Coordination
  • Palpation
  • Balance
  • Flexibility

Finally, a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs and goals will be developed based on the evaluation results. Your treatment will typically start on the same day and may consist of hands-on care, cutting edge rehab equipment, and/or specific movements and exercises to help you start feeling better.  

The evaluation will usually take an hour to complete. Please be sure to wear comfortable clothing so that our clinicians can see you move and examine you more clearly!

Remember to bring these items along with you for the evaluation:

  • A willing attitude. We can only help you, if you want to be helped!
  • Great news! unless you are a Medicare client, the State of NJ does NOT require a prescription for you to see a doctor of physical therapy!
  • Your commitment. We’re all busy! If you don’t prioritize scheduling your care, you will NOT get your desired outcome.
  • Your communication. We want to hear all about the things you need help with!
  • Other key info about your current health, sleep, nutrition, stressors

Understanding the Importance of the Physio Evaluation

The Physio evaluation is the most important part of your care. Without an evaluation, any treatment plan given to an individual would just be a result of wild guesses. For an appropriate, customized treatment program that is tailored to the individual, the physio evaluation process is an essential element in determining the right physiotherapy treatments or fitness programs. It also highlights the need, if any, for further medical evaluation from a physician about any condition that require medical attention.

Using our comprehensive MEI approach, our doctors of physiotherapy take all of the information they gather from your medical history, lifestyle, functional tests to provide you with the best path for successful outcomes on your journey to recovery and restoration. 

At the end of the physio evaluation, the following info will be identified:

  • The root causes of your condition or symptoms
  • Best initial plan of care to put you on the right path.
  • Clinical physio diagnosis and possible differential diagnoses

Why Choose Next Level Physio?

We love helping clients get to their personal next level, and we’re all about providing clients with an individualized plan of care.  No two clients are alike when it comes to the right plan.  So, if you’re looking for highly-skilled physiotherapy professionals who want you to succeed at performing or living at your very best with more freedom to move with less pain, Next Level Physio is where you want to be!  

If you want to learn more about Next Level Physio’s evaluation process, schedule an appointment with us by calling 201-746-9966 or sending an email to

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Evaluation options:

At Next Level Physio, we don’t just make wild guesses about your physical therapy plan. We get to know who you are and what makes living a full life important for you through our assessment and evaluation process.

What are your favorite activities?  What can’t you do now because of your symptoms? Do certain movements cause any discomfort? Have injuries become a constant struggle, rather than an exception? Do your muscles feel tight all of the time, even after stretching or warming up beforehand?  These are just a handful of questions that our experienced physios will ask when they meet with you for the first time.

There are two ways clients can consult with our physio specialists.

Total Body Diagnostic (TBD):

The Total Body Diagnostic (TBD), is a 30 minute consultation that involves a whole body movement screen, includes questions about your specific complaints and issues as well as general tests designed to reveal muscle strength and range of motion limitations in your joints. Our physios will review your results and discuss the relevant clinical findings.  The TBD screen is usually the best option for clients who are on the fence about what we do and how we do it.  

However, when it comes down to designing the most successful program for your specific needs, most of our clients want something more comprehensive- they want the right roadmap and someone to coach them to get back to their favorite activities- stronger, fitter, faster or with fewer limitations or nags.

The Evaluation:

The evaluation is designed to direct you on a specific plan tailored to your specific needs.  For example, not everyone with low back pain (provide link to page on website) needs to focus on pelvic tilts and not everyone with rotator cuff pain (provide link to page on website) needs to work with two pound dumbbells for weeks at a time.  

Instead, our physios lay out your full plan or program of care, the strategies to help modify your environment, self-care routines to improve your symptoms, and track your progress during each visit to ensure you’re on the right track.  Clients who sign up for the full evaluation also get started with treatment on that same day.  Treatment may include manual techniques to reduce stiffness and pain, modalities to improve bloodflow, and/or functional exercise. 

So, why choose Next Level Physio? We’re committed to helping you overcome your obstacles and giving you the best chance of staying active at your very best. If you’re interested in learning more about our TBD screen or evaluation, schedule an appointment by calling 201-746-9966 or emailing us at: