Each individual has a unique set of needs and goals when they decide to go for physical therapy. This is why Next Level Physio goes beyond treating injuries. Through physical therapy, we help our clients rehabilitate, lead healthy lifestyles, establish exercise regimens, and boost their overall wellness. To accomplish this, we guide our clients in setting goals to develop custom physical fitness profiles and suitable treatment plans. Read on to learn more about goal setting at Next Level Physio.

About Next Level Physio’s Goal Setting Process

Goal setting is done in the very first session with your physical therapist at Next Level Physio. This process is a complex yet fundamental part of physical therapy and rehabilitation. Research has found that effective goal setting can guide rehabilitation interventions towards specific and desired outcomes. This results in an enhanced recovery process and higher client satisfaction.

In the first session, an initial evaluation will be conducted, during which your physical therapist will ask questions about your conditions, level of function, and treatment goals. Open communication is necessary at this stage because the physical therapist has to understand your needs, feelings, and desired goals before they can develop a suitable treatment plan.

After this, a physical assessment will be performed, and an individualized treatment plan can be developed. Treatment will be started right away so that you can enjoy the benefits of physical therapy as soon as possible.

Remember to bring these items along with you in the first session:

  1. Your willing attitude. We can’t help you achieve your best unless you’re all in!
  2. Your best communication- tell us ALL about what you can’t do or want to get back to.
  3. No prescription, no worries! Prescription for physical therapy aren’t needed in the State of NJ unless you’re a Medicare client
  4. Other key info about your health, nutrition, sleep, stressors, lifestyle
  5. Comfortable clothing that you can move freely in

Understanding the Importance of Goal Setting in Physical Therapy

Whether you want to get back to running, Crossfitting, or golf,  goal setting helps to keep us to all stay on track towards your desired outcomes. Goal setting keeps us all accountable! 

Here are some of the possible goals that clients can have:

  1. To return to your favorite activities
  2. To be able to stand straight without lower back pain
  3. To regain full strength of a particular muscle group
  4. To excel in your sport or fitness

Why Choose Next Level Physio?

Here at Next Level Physio, our doctors of physiotherapy are committed to helping our clients get to their next level through physical therapy, performance training, fitness coaching.  After all, we’re athletes and active people, just like you!  

If you want to learn more about Next Level Physio’s goal setting process, schedule an appointment with us by calling 201-746-9966 or sending an email to info@nlphysio.com