Have you tried everything to fix sciatica pain and back pain but feel nothing is working? Head Over to Next Level Physio to Treat Your Sciatica Pain & Back Pain in Bergen County, NJ!

If you’re suffering from sciatica pain & back pain, you might be thinking, “Oh, it’s just an ache; I just need to wait it out for a few days”. Or, you might assume that you slept in the wrong position or sat in the uncomfortable chair for too long.

What’s worse is that you might think your pain is a normal part of getting older. In fact, it’s not.

Sciatica pain and back pain can result from prolonged sitting or repetitive lifting with poor body awareness. In fact, around 90% of sciatica pains are caused by nerve root compression by herniated discs or facet joints. People will often describe a burning or pins and needles sensation down the back of their thigh, calf, and/or foot.

People who have sciatica or a herniated disc often tell us that they are afraid of moving or exercising. That doesn’t have to be the case! Learning how to move again after an injury like a herniated disc requires the guidance of movement specialists who understand your needs.

Next Level Physio Can Provide Relief from Sciatica Pain & Back Pain in Bergen County, NJ?

Physical therapy is undoubtedly one of the best ways to combat sciatica pain and back pain.

At Next Level Physio, our physiotherapists can curate a treatment strategy for you that will focus on protecting your spine and relieving nerve compression.

Combining our Australian based manual therapy techniques along with functional therapeutic strengthening provide the best outcomes for sciatica and low back pain. Our physio team will also study your movements to determine the best plan of care to address your sciatica and back pain.

Physiotherapy Treatments for Sciatica Pain & Back Pain

The best physiotherapy for sciatica pain and back pain includes a movement based strategy. The research is very clear on guided movement and physical activity being the mainstays of managing sciatica and low back pain. Using the Australian based manual therapy techniques along with the right dosage and type of exercises can make all the difference in your recovery.

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If you are experiencing sciatica pain or back pain, don’t wait to get relief! You really don’t need to suffer.

Make sure to call our office and schedule a personal consultation and complete assessment. Our physical therapists are experienced, certified and dedicated to helping you feel better. They have assisted several others recover from these pains and can definitely assist you too!