Whether you’re struggling with nagging aches and pains or less-than-optimal performance, our team at Next Level Physio offers performance-grade treatment modalities geared toward your movement optimization.  E-Dry Needling is one such revolutionary pain-relieving procedure performed here at Next Level Physio in Cary, NC providing patients freedom from myofascial pain and mobility restrictions, unlocking a key piece to the movement puzzle.

What is E-Dry Needling?

Dry needling involves the insertion of a solid monofilament needle into myofascial trigger points and/or established research points throughout the body to relieve pain, improve local circulation, and improve muscle function. The needle itself is solid and does not contain any medication or fluid, hence the term “dry”. Dry needling has been found to be an extremely effective modality in the treatment of myofascial pain, releasing stubborn tissues within the body and improving the local environment of treated tissues. 

Taking the modality to the next level, E-dry needling combines traditional dry needling with gentle electrical stimulation to better target affected tissues, create more widespread effects, and expedite results. Based on the latest evidence, applying the current through the dry needle into the tissues has been shown to accelerate the pain-relief process and enhance clinical outcomes for appropriate populations.

Precision Pain Relief

Here at Next Level Physio in Cary, NC our expert team of DPTs are specialized in e-dry needling for both the prevention and treatment of pain and associated mobility disorders. Note that not all dry needling is the same nor should it be considered a stand-alone treatment for addressing your dysfunction. By taking a holistic approach to your wellness, we pride ourselves in treating the body as a whole, getting down to the root cause of your dysfunctions, and developing customized programming that addresses your unique needs and movement goals.

Benefits of E-Dry Needling

Improved mobility

Pain relief

Expedited recovery

Reduced muscle tightness

Enhanced athletic performance

Improved functionality

Trigger point relief

What to Expect

While the term “dry needling” can seem intimidating to some, understanding the procedure and benefits can provide a lot of clarity and confidence as you’re preparing for the treatment. Note that dry needling is rarely a stand-alone treatment and should be performed in conjunction with a variety of other hands-on and movement-based interventions geared toward your particular goals. 

At your initial treatment session, your PT will perform a total body movement screen to analyze your overall movement habits and identify any underlying dysfunctions. From there, they will complete a thorough assessment of the affected pain region as well as other sites that share myofascial connections to the area. Note that more often than not, the site of pain isn’t the primary site of your issues which is why we prioritize the system as a whole versus treating it as a part.

When the treatment area is identified, the thin needle will be inserted into the identified trigger point and/ or research-based point. You may experience a quick, prick-like sensation followed by a sensation of deep ache and muscle twitching which has been linked to the physiological release of tissue adhesion. After a session, expect to feel sore, like you did a strength workout in the area, for anywhere from 24-48 hours. Your therapist will guide you through specific aftercare instructions, stretches, and modalities if needed.

The Next Level Difference

Like all of our practices, we never settle for mediocrity when it comes to patient care. Whether you’re an active adult, high school athlete, or professional star, we promise to provide only top-tier care that gets you the outcomes you deserve to perform at your highest potential. Perhaps you’ve tried dry needling in the past and were less than impressed. Here’s why e-dry needling at Next Level is more effective than our competitors

We treat the system as a whole not as a part

We address both trigger points and common research-based treatment needle points

We incorporate electrical stimulation into dry needling practices

We use multiple needles versus 1-2 needles

We incorporate dry needling as a part of your comprehensive treatment plan