Yoga/Pilates Injuries

Yoga and Pilates are two of the best low-impact exercises for active adults. Whereas a lot of other activities require running, jumping, or just generally putting impact on your joints, yoga and pilates take that out of the equation. That’s part of what makes them so sustainable for the long term– most people find that they can do yoga and pilates for years even as they age. Have you heard of Tao Porchon-Lynch, the world’s oldest yoga teacher? She was 101 years old when she stopped teaching yoga. Pretty impressive.

The thing about being able to do yoga and pilates for years on end, however, is that you have to know how to do these exercises correctly. Otherwise, you’ll be susceptible to yoga/pilates injuries. We know what you’re thinking: really? Can I get injured from yoga? Yes, in fact, you can. There are tons of different types of yoga and pilates classes, some of which include power yoga, hot yoga, yoga with weights, yoga fusion, mat pilates, classical, reformer pilates classes, etc. The difficulty of these classes spans a wide range, which means you could experience injuries from yoga and pilates. Some of the most common yoga/pilates injuries include:

  • SI joint pain or injuries
  • A torn meniscus
  • Neck pain
  • Rotator cuff pain or injuries
  • Hip labral tears
  • Low back pain
  • …and more 

While these are common injuries for some yoga and pilates practitioners, they’re not here to scare you or to deter you from going to class. We just want you to be aware of them so you can correctly train to prevent them from happening. Physiotherapy, for example, is a great way to strengthen the muscles you use in these classes. Not only will you keep yourself safe while in downward facing dog, but you may even see better results from your workouts. Who doesn’t want that?

In the event that you need some extra support or want to learn how to crosstrain certain muscles, Next Level Physio is here to help. We have fitness programs, physical therapy, therapeutic exercise programs, and so much more all designed to help you feel great as an active adult.