10 Dec 2020

Good Posture, Great Health

Most people struggle with sitting and standing up straight. Many of us can remember as teenagers being told by our parents and teachers that good posture was the key to good health later in life!

Back then we all rolled our eyes, as this demand seemed annoying. However, as we grow older, we realize that good posture goes beyond appearances and looking confident. Sitting and standing with good spinal alignment can actually help prevent back pain.

Got Back Pain? Your Posture May Be The Culprit

Physical therapists are great at teaching patients how to practice proper posture. Your physical therapist will help you to understand the importance of it, and give you the education necessary to make sure you’re achieving excellent posture every day.

If you’re experiencing back pain, it could be because of poor posture. Let our clinic help you discover the benefits of physical therapy for back pain. Contact Next Level Physio today to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist!

How Does Good Posture Relieve Back Pain?

Your spine is meant to operate in a specific way. Each time you move, sit, or stand in ways that disrupt the correct position and operation of your spine, you can end up creating long term problems.

Practicing good posture with the help of a licensed physical therapist is one way that you can work to minimize back pain. When you begin physical therapy, you will learn how to develop good posture, recognize when you are not practicing good posture, and discover many ways that healthy patterns of movement can minimize your back pain.

Got Back Pain? Your Posture May Be The Culprit

Some ways that developing good posture through physical therapy can help you with avoiding back pain are as follows:

1. Avoiding Incorrect Anatomical Changes

Did you know that the ways in which you use your spine can actually cause changes in your anatomy? It’s true. Sitting hunched over can cause excess stress and can eventually lead to damage of your spinal discs, muscles, joints and the nerves and blood vessels traveling through your spine. Thankfully in most cases the damage can be reversed by physical therapy. Targeted exercises, stretches, and education can help your body learn to sit and stand correctly!

2. Good Posture Encourages Flexibility and Strength

If you haven’t had good posture for a long period of time anyways, it’s probably best to assume that learning to maintain it isn’t going to be the easiest thing to do. It might take time in physical therapy to gain the strength and flexibility you need to keep ideal posture and spinal alignment. According to the Mayo Clinic, “correct posture can boost your productivity and mood, as well as help you use your muscles more efficiently.”

The work you do and the effort you put in with your physical therapist to achieve your goal will lead to greater overall fitness. The more flexible you get, the stronger you’ll be, and the less likely you are to suffer from nagging back pain every day.

3. Improved Posture With Everyday Activities

Most of the time when we hear the term “good posture” we think of how we sit or stand, but good posture is important in everything we do!

In physical therapy, your therapist will teach you how to maintain good posture during sports and everyday activities such as running or walking. Improving your overall posture will lessen the wear and tear you put on your spine every day. This will also minimize your risk of developing back pain from these activities.

4. Encourages Good Circulation

Maintaining the proper spinal alignment means that your veins will not be as constricted by pressure on your vertebrae. There are many components of your spine that require proper circulation to operate the right way and to reform from daily wear and tear.

It might seem like a daunting task, but as your physical therapist guides you through the different physical therapy exercises and techniques that help with maintaining good posture, you will improve at keeping the alignment required for proper circulation.

5. Prevents Back Pain Caused by Improper Lifting

If you constantly lift heavy objects, you definitely need to make sure you have good posture! Good posture is a critical component of lifting objects without hurting yourself. If you lift and fail to use good posture, there is a much higher risk that you will hurt your back.

Ask your physical therapist how to maintain proper posture while lifting. They will be able to show you how to properly lift things, and also guide you through exercises to hold the right posture.

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Got Back Pain? Your Posture May Be The Culprit