19 Apr 2023

Kick The Pain Medication With Natural Pain Relief

If you're desperate to relieve your ankle pain, struggle to make it through the day without soreness or stiffness, and often have to resort to painkillers, physical therapy is a much better option for you!

Ankle pain can be very inconvenient meaning you can't walk comfortably, may have difficulty driving, and struggle to exercise and keep active.

Whether it's a long-term ankle problem, tied to another condition such as arthritis, or an ankle injury as a result of a fall, physical therapy can provide natural relief, and a fast recovery time.

A Common Mistake For Treating Ankle Pain

The society that we live in today is highly medicated.

Go into any grocery store or pharmacy and you’ll notice tons of over-the-counter pain medication.

Doctors also consistently prescribe heavier pain relievers as well, including opioids that have become increasingly abused over the years.

Drug addiction is everywhere, and it’s an ongoing battle that patients are actively fighting.

If you’ve sustained an ankle injury, or regularly suffer from ankle pain, you know that it can turn your daily life upside down.

Whether it’s a car accident, a sports-related injury, a workplace injury, or even an accidental fall, the pain from a sudden injury can leave you feeling hopeless.

And the standard advice is to rest and take pills.

But this is a very bad strategy because it rarely works, and often leads people to take pills that they don't want.

Dangers Of Painkillers For Relieving Ankle Pain

If you keep up with the news on a daily basis, you’ve most likely heard about the dangers opioid medications pose.

These narcotics, which include both illegal drugs and prescription medication, are the cause of at least 115 overdose deaths in America every single day.

Opioids are extremely powerful and can interact with other drugs in a dangerous way.

They also lead to abuse and addiction as well, which a lot of people are rightly concerned about.

Steroids are another dangerous class of prescription medication and pose many risks and dangers to your health.

Epidural steroid injections are used to relieve pain but can cause arthritis in the hips, cataracts, stomach ulcers, elevated blood sugar, and nerve damage stemming from the injection itself.

Even ordinary Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen are capable of causing liver problems and bleeding in the stomach, which is worrisome because many people who don’t even have chronic injuries use these daily.

Taking pills is a very serious consideration and something that many of our patients came to us to avoid.

How Can A Physical Therapist Help You Avoid Pills And Get Rid Of Ankle Pain Naturally

Natural Ankle Pain Relief

Physical therapy can prevent you from having to deal with all of these unpleasant side effects of pills while delivering natural ankle pain relief.

So with physical therapy, you get relief from ankle pain, without the addiction fears and nasty side effects.

In extreme cases of ankle pain, medication may be required, however, physical therapy can drastically reduce the amount needed, and the duration of time you need to be taking it.

We have helped hundreds of patients with a variety of aches and pains decrease — or even eliminate — their dependence on pain medication, and dramatically improve their overall health through physical therapy.

Personalized Approach

Since everyone is different, and everyone’s ankle pain varies, physical therapy treatments must be unique as well.

Your physical therapy pain management plan might be different from someone else’s, depending on your specific problem.

If you are struggling with ankle pain from a recent injury, your physical therapist might decide to use massage therapy, heat, ice, ultrasound, or other techniques to ease your pain and speed up the healing process.

It's all about what your current situation is, and what your goal is.

Our expert team can then provide the personalized approach to get you there as quickly as possible, so you can get rid of your ankle pain and get back to doing what you love.

Exercises To Improve Ankle Mobility And Strength

When you are able to safely move around and exercise, our physical therapists will prescribe easy stretches, walking, swimming, or cycling to help with the mobilization process.

These kinds of physical therapy are great for helping restore movement to soft tissues, allowing them to move more easily and comfortably.

They are also good for keeping arthritic joints mobile and lubricated too, so whether your ankle pain is caused by an injury or a chronic condition, we can tailor a plan for you.

This means you get long-term, lasting ankle pain relief, and can make progress towards living an active life, pain-free.

Get Rid Of Ankle Pain Fast

If your ankle pain is stopping you from walking, or exercising, and leaving you in pain for most of the day, we can help!

Using a variety of proven, drug-free treatment options, you can get quick ankle pain relief at Next Level Physio in Cary, Montclair, Morrisville, and Woodcliff Lake.

To get started, we would invite you to arrange a Free Spring Sprain Assessment where you can speak to an expert about your ankle pain or injury, get answers to your questions, and learn about the best treatment options to relieve your ankle pain without pills, injections or surgery.

It's completely free, and designed to help you understand what is happening, and have the confidence to make a decision about your own health - we don't push you toward a particular treatment plan like the doctors you've seen before.

Call our team at 201-746-9966 to arrange your Free Spring Sprain Assessment today - we would love to help you cure your ankle pain and get you back to doing what you love!

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How To Relieve Ankle Pain With Physical Therapy