After taking a fall which messed up my right knee and left shoulder, I went to Next Level for PT....Read More

George B

The whole team at Next Level are awesome, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for sports...Read More

James D

My 7 year was in immense hip pain when she started here. She is stronger than before she was diagnosed...Read More


After years of physical activity in the gym, on trails, and at work, my knees began to develop issues. John,...Read More

Kurt N

I’d highly recommend their services to anyone who needs to take care of an injury or just seeks an on-going...Read More

Dima A

When I 1st went to next level PT I couldn’t even lay down without pain in my lower back and...Read More

Rob R

Amazing place. I had unbearable knee pain for about 5 years and it limited me a lot playing sports. In...Read More

Miguel A

“Consistently excellent” is the way I describe the care and results that I experience at Next Level Physio. This is...Read More

Karen R

Love the staff here. I’ve been to many PT places, originally in a quest to find a place that didn’t...Read More

Leia Cadogan W

Next level Physio has taken me from injured to active in a timely fashion, all while helping me to gain...Read More

Leonard W

Dr. Dave is superb. He, and the other PTs and Aides, provide first-rate health care. They truly care about their...Read More

Laurence B

Wonderful experience at Next Level Physio. Highly recommend it from personal experience. Has amazing staff that cares about you, your...Read More

Rich F

Top quality physical therapy. I am a distance runner and while training for the NYC marathon I sustained an injury...Read More

Camille D

After visiting numerous physical therapy businesses throughout the area I found a home with Next Level Physio! Unfortunately I have...Read More

Thomas S

I had originally come to Next Level for a knee injury. . I was extremely happy with the results because...Read More

Brian M

I have been going to next level for over a year. I had gone there for my back and after...Read More

Lou G

The best PT ever!! Pam, Dave, John, and Alex , all have a little different style, but whoever worked on...Read More

Lea S

The next level team is absolutely fantastic! Their 1 on 1 approach allows them to treat each patient with great...Read More

Alissa B

My wife had great success with Dave @ Next Level Physio, but I was a stubborn and reluctant 70 year...Read More

Jeff L

The staff at Next Level Physio are really best in class. I have been going in for the past few...Read More

Brendan J

The best way to describe Next Level Physio is to just look at their name. This physical therapy clinic provides...Read More

Rafael Y

So glad to have found Next Level Physio for my son. We have been with Dr. John for over 3...Read More

Richard The Swimmer 514

Dr. Jerry and his team at Next Level Physio provide amazing care to active people around the Bergen county. Their...Read More

Myokinetix Physical Therapy And Performance

I love Next Level Physio! My only complaint is that they’re so good, I can’t go anywhere else!! I even...Read More

Yvonne L

Great care! Attentive to patient needs, constantly looking at creative solutions to address injuries. You also get a great overall...Read More

Claire K

I knew as soon as the intake interview/evaluation was done that this was the right place for me. From there,...Read More

Sarah R

Based on a recommendation, I brought my son to Next Level. He had been experiencing discomfort while running. The team...Read More


Next Level Physio is hands down THE BEST! In addition to them coming highly recommended by a trusted friend, I...Read More

Tracy D

Everyone is welcoming and kind. From the moment you walk in, you feel at ease. Dr. Pam is AMAZING. I...Read More

Caryn R

-By far the VERY BEST PT Practice I have ever attended out of half-a-dozen others over many years of therapy...Read More

Peter De A

Next Level has been an integral part of my recovery from a traumatic orthopedic injury. The entire staff is professional...Read More

Christy V

I always have a great experience with the staff at Next Level. Beginning with reception to the pt aids and...Read More

Stephanie S

This is not your ordinary physical therapy clinic. Unlike many other “bigger name” physical therapy clinics, you’ll never feel like...Read More

Steve Y

Next Level Physio provides the highest level of care from the minute you walk in the door. The staff is...Read More

Halle K

I am so thankful for the Next Level staff for not only helping treat my injury in such a short...Read More

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Next Level Physio is unlike any other physical therapy clinic that I have been to. Right when you walk through...Read More

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The best place I’ve been to for all round holistic care by far! The whole team at Next Level make...Read More

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Linda H

Have been treated for many different injuries over the past several years by the excellent doctors at Next Level and...Read More

Paul L

I welcome this opportunity to post a review of NextLevel Physio, where I received what I found to be an...Read More


Our experience at Next Level Physical Therapy has been nothing short of exceptional. This facility is an attractive, clean, inviting,...Read More

Lucy C

Next Level Physio provides individualized, high quality physical therapy. The personalized attention and genuine care set them apart. The atmosphere...Read More

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The team at Next Level Physio is amazing!! Even more important than how they have helped me heal from injury...Read More

Michelle L

I am currently in a doctorate program for physical therapy and have recently completed my clinical rotation at Next Level...Read More

Ken S

Everyone at Next Level Sports Physical Therapy is very friendly and welcoming. I’ve been treated for multiple injuries, including a...Read More

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Jerry and his team at Next Level are amazing miracle workers! As a competitive gymnast for the past 8 years,...Read More

Mika T

Next Level Sports Physical Therapy is an amazing facility with the best equipment and the most skilled physical therapists. Jerry,...Read More

Timmy K

Next Level Physio is incredible. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and all of the therapists ensure that you receive the...Read More

Jillian K

This is my first time coming to Next Level Physio. From the first visit Dr Pam was welcoming and did...Read More

Robinson D

I started here for PT on my left shoulder about 4 weeks ago. I had issues with strength and flexibility...Read More

Keith L

I had recently hurt my knee while strength training and thought I could push through it until my knee swelled...Read More

Alexandra P

After seeing 2 Orthopedic Surgeons and getting no results-Dr. Jerry came into our lives. Within 2 visits my daughter was...Read More

Christine S

It’s been a long road to recovery since I had knee surgery back in January, but the finish line is...Read More

Scott W

Not your average physical therapy practice. I really appreciate that the staff all have some sort of athletic background, whether...Read More

Youngjin James K

I started out at a basic Physical Therapy gym where the trainers gave me the same boring stretching and simple...Read More

Alexader D

Terrific place for physiotherapy. Dr. Jerry is very professional and knowledgeable. He creates a unique plan for each person and...Read More

Rosa A

Love Next Level Physio! I’ve been a patient for years and whenever I have an issue, they work hard to...Read More

Meghan D

No one compares to Dr. Jerry Yoo! I came to Next Level PT because I was suffering through ongoing issues...Read More

Lisa G

Anyone who has set foot in this place knows it is the best physio clinic in the area. This team...Read More

Christine M

Been to other physical therapists. These are the best. They offer a combination manual and machine based physical therapy approaches....Read More

Nishan L

Highly skilled and amazing staff, pleasant and very professional treatment with every visit. Was treated by Dr. John, his knowledge...Read More

Maryann F

Jerry and his team are excellent at everything they do, and they do a lot! I came to Jerry looking...Read More

Timothy N

They have given me the ability to help keep up with my kids. I attend their group workout sessions in...Read More

Ralph L

I came into Next Level Sports PT with a partially torn ACL in my left knee and simply put, Dr....Read More

Julianne M

Next Level is a great facility, the people are kind and welcoming and the environment is exactly what you need...Read More

Julie L

Dr. Jerry Yoo and his team are by far the most professional and caring individuals selected to provide the utmost...Read More

Houry Y

After trying other PT places, I became very discouraged with the progress of my shoulder injury. Jerry was highly recommended...Read More


As there are 2 competitive runners and gymnasts in my family, knowing a good PT is critical. We are so...Read More

Misa T

I decided to give Next Level Physio a try after my daughter spent a summer observing Dr. John, Dr. Pam...Read More

Laurie C

I’ve been working with Jerry Yoo off and on for nearly ten years. He is an exceptional physical therapist. His...Read More

Deborah R

Next Level PT is a very unique physical therapy practice. On any given day you might find a 75 year-old...Read More

John V

Next level fitness is the go-to place for your PT needs. When you enter you are greeted with warmth compassion...Read More

Elizabeth R

As the mother of 2 children who train as elite gymnasts, Jerry Yoo has been an indispensable asset for us....Read More

Sophia S

Our 3 year old son recently broke his tibia, resulting in wearing a cast up over his knee for a...Read More

Gregory P

Have not had a need to go recently, since they did such a great jog healing my ailments. Best PT...Read More

Gail L

I began seeing Dr. Jerry Yoo after many months of a frustrating injury. On my first visit, he was attentive,...Read More

Cindy G

Dr. Jerry is not only one of the most skillful therapists I know, but is respected for his leadership and...Read More

Valerie Levesque Pt, Dpt

Next Level Physical Therapy is an amazing place. It is a state of the art facility with high quality workout...Read More

Jack W

I went to see Dr. Jerry Yoo for a foot injury due to poor running form. In a matter of...Read More

Jennifer K

I’ve had several Crossfit related injuries, and Jerry has worked his magic to get me back in the gym. He’s...Read More

Deborah M

Dr Jerry Yoo has been my go to physical therapist for many years. His knowledge, approach and attentive care is...Read More

Henry H

I came to Jerry & Crew at NL PT with back and radiating leg pain from endurance racing. Within 2...Read More

David R

I was recommended to go to physical therapy because I felt discomfort on my elbow from playing baseball. Both Dave...Read More

Zachary F

Dr. Jerry Yoo is a fantastic physical therapist! He provides excellent care and rehabilitation for a wide variety of injuries...Read More

Tasha A

Jerry is hands down the best physical therapist I’ve encountered in the field! His knowledge of anatomy and clinical diagnoses...Read More

Pamela K

Beyond great experience here! John is treating me for chronic plantar facitis pain and I can say after seeing 5...Read More

Amelia B

Dr Jerry and his team are just incredible. Everybody in there is an athlete and they understand an athlete’s mindset....Read More

Andrew B

Dr. Jerry Yoo is one of the greatest therapist out there! I have gone to him for a number of...Read More

Devin M

Every facet of this physical therapy office is a 10. Most importantly they have a highly qualified, engaged, warm and...Read More

Mary V

There are plenty of PT folks to choose from. I chose to go to Jerry and drive 1/2 hour each...Read More

Michael K

Dr. Jerry Yoo is a highly skilled and knowledgable physical therapist who not only alleviates his patient’s pain but also...Read More

Brian T

The most knowledgeable, honest, and genuine Physical Therapist/Personal Trainer you will ever meet. Dr. Yoo does not look solely to...Read More

Phillip G

This is not your typical pt place. Dr. Jerry Yoo, the owner and lead physical therapist at Next Level, has...Read More

Valerie M

Dr. Jerry Yoo, the owner of Next Level Sports Physical Therapy, is the best in the business. Dr. Yoo has...Read More

Amy W

Dr. Jerry Yoo is an exceptional Doctor of Physical Therapy! He takes his time getting to know each patient and...Read More

Laura S

Amazing experience! Went in due to extreme back/leg pain from an old injury I never properly addressed. John M. and...Read More

Eric U

I came to Next Level as a sad, injured runner with achilles problems that had me benched. Dr. Jerry and...Read More

Amy L

By far the best physical therapy practice! From atmosphere, to staff, to patient care, there is no better practice to...Read More

Alex G

Best place I have been for physical therapy very professional. Dave 2.0 helped me get out of pain and return...Read More

Carlos Aguilar C

Dr. Jerry Yoo is not your regular physical therapist! He genuinely cares about each and everyone of his patients. He...Read More

Patty P

I highly recommend Next Level Physio for your PT needs. Dr. John and the rest of the staff are so...Read More

Jessica V

Great staff and atmosphere. I felt very taken care of. I highly recommend this Therapy office. It has everything! Thanks...Read More

Lori S

Jerry is a life saver ! I am an active 37 year old who has been lifting weights for most...Read More

Alain Del R

friendly and knowledgeable staff. I’m working with Dr. Dave he is knowledgeable and professional and i’m having great success with...Read More

Joe S

Jerry and John are both terrific!!! They have worked with two of my children (11 and 9) and we have...Read More

Kevin H

I have come in as a patient multiple times and every time I’ve come out of Next Level stronger and...Read More


Compassionate, caring, and skilled! Thank you Dr. Jerry Yoo for helping me walk again after 2 painful and difficult pregnancies...Read More

Karen D

Next Level is without a doubt the best at PT. There is no comparison between the services they provide to...Read More

Dean K

We go to Dr. Jerry for strength training and work out to prevent injuries. We love going to Next Level and working out with them!

Tnt R

Pam was terrific and helped get me on track with my hip

Jack K

Love these guys! Great individual, genuine, care.

Tristan Van G

solid. Very thorough with COVID precautions. Really enjoyed my experience there!

Mike O

People are very knowledgeable and they deal with athletic people.

Delana R

Jerry and his team are amazing physical therapists. My 7 year old son had an injury and he has helped...Read More

Monica A

Great atmosphere and therapy top notch!

Paul D

Fantastic team, Jerry is a genius!

Yoni G

Hurt to healthy in no time!

Jonah W

Great atmosphere and very professional.

John M

Caring, supportive and professional staff.

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