Setting the standard for top-quality care.

Next Level Physio in Apex, NC is a leader in individualized, evidence-based physical therapy treatment.  Forget cookie-cutter programming.  We put YOU at the forefront helping unlock your movement potential, recover from injury and take it to the next level.  Through one-on-one hands-on treatment and assessment, we address both the symptoms as well as the source of the problem optimizing your movement for the long haul.

Ready to rid yourself of pain and begin the road to recovery?

You have more options than ever to treat day-to-day aches and injuries.  Here at Next Level Physio in Apex, NC, we level up our treatments with expert physical therapists, state-of-the-art facilities and programming tailored just for you.  We’re athletes, parents and professionals too, and understand the demands and intricacies of both day-to-day movement and athletic performance. 

What We Offer:

  • Physical therapy
  • Electro-dry needling
  • Manual therapy 
  • Blood flow restriction therapy
  • Ergonomic training 
  • Headache treatment 
  • Pre and post-surgical care 
  • Dynamic electro-cupping 
  • 3-D gait analysis 
  • Triathalon rehabilitation and coaching 
  • Pediatric physical therapy 
  • Concussion management 
  • Golf assessment
  • ACL prevention 
  • Massage therapy 
  • Kinesiotaping 
  • Therapeutic modalities 
  • Sports performance

What Makes us Different:

Focused physiotherapy programs help our patients in Cary, NC maximize their movement potential, restore biomechanics and take it to the next level by emphasizing: 

The healthcare model has evolved to value volume over quality of care.  We refuse to let numbers drive our practice and firmly believe in the power of high-quality, results-driven care.  We hear your frustration with the current system and are inspired to be the driver of change.  Try Next Level Physio in Apex, NC, and let us show you the difference.

Treat, Train, Achieve


Have you experienced a recent injury? Battling through chronic pain?  We are the medical experts of orthopedic physical therapy in Apex, NC specializing in musculoskeletal injury and recovery.


When the pain is gone, we take it to the next level helping you regain your athletic potential and restore optimal movement.


We are uniquely qualified to enhance movement efficiency.  Let us help you unleash your competitive potential and achieve success on any playing field.

Average is not good enough

optimize movement efficiency and prevent future injury.We refuse to settle for mediocrity and neither should you.  Unleash your potential, reduce your pain and get back in the game with Next Level Physio.

What patients are saying:

“Jerry and his team are the best physical therapists in town.  I’ve visited several rehabilitation centers for myself and my family but the care I encountered at Next Level Physio was truly next-level.  The team is talented, understanding and motivating.  Where other clinics dropped me when I got to 80% improvement, Next Level took me to 100% pushing beyond traditional rehabilitation into true movement optimization and sports performance.  Look no further if you need physical therapy services!”

~Jason R.

“Next Level PT is a truly unique experience offering top-quality care for everyone from an 80-year-old post-knee replacement to a 35-year-old preparing for an iron man competition.  The environment is elevated, warm and encouraging.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with both Jerry and John and they are both master diagnosticians, practitioners and motivators.  Highly recommend this practice to anyone in the Apex, NC area.”

~Nora G.

“There are plenty of PT clinics to choose from but I drive 45 minutes each way to see the team at Next Level Physio.  As athletes themselves, they truly understand the mental drive, the obsession over injury recovery and the physical demands of athletic competition.  Their team provides the perfect blend of manual skills, professional expertise and bedside demeanor that keeps patients motivated and inspired to improve and achieve.”

~John R. 

At Next Level Physio in Apex, NC, we are here for you.  Looking to improve your function, performance and overall wellness?  Look no further.

Recovery starts today.