Welcome to Next Level Physio, the trusted source for performance physical therapy in Carramore, Cary, North Carolina.

Are you tired of ineffective cookie-cutter rehabilitative care? Searching for an alternative to pain medications or injections? Simply looking to stay active and healthy as you age?  If you answered yes to any of these, Next Level Physio is here to help.  Providing long-term, all-natural solutions, we address problems from their core.  Our Physical Therapists are trusted musculoskeletal experts here to optimize your movement, resolve your symptoms, and allow you to enjoy your health for many years to come.

Transforming Lives: Patient Testimonials

The Next Level Difference

What To Expect

Evidence-based customized treatments

In-depth total body analysis to uncover deep-rooted movement impairments

1-on-1 treatments with your dedicated Doctor of Physical Therapy item
End-to-end solutions from post-operative care to sports performance
End-to-end solutions from post-operative care to sports performance
Results that last

What NOT to Expect

Generic Treatments

Rushed Assessments

Outdated exercises you could do from home
Inconsistent care between multiple providers and assistants
Passive strategies

Standard 3 x week x 8 week prescriptions

Rewriting the Narrative of Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

For the best physical therapy in Carramore, Cary, NC, look no further than Next Level Physio.  Our team helps thousands of clients annually move better, rid their bodies of pain, and get back to doing the things they love to do.  Whether you’re recovering from an orthopedic surgery or are an active adult looking to re-prioritize your health, we’re here to help you reach and exceed your goals.  Don’t waste your time or money on ineffective treatments.  Join us as we show you how rehab done correctly can transform your life.

Our commitment is to your health and recovery.  Has traditional medicine or PT let you down? Are you looking for more in-depth, collaborative, and holistic care? We’ve got you covered.

Transform Your Health

Your pain and stiffness don’t need to define your quality of life.  It’s time to approach your health with the same enthusiasm that you approach your career and family.  Through interactive, hands-on treatment, here at Next Level in Cannamore, Cary, NC we’re able to reset the system, uncover inefficient movement, and guide you forward to an active and healthy future.

We’re on a mission to help our clients move better, feel better, and perform at their highest potential!

Free Discovery Visit

We understand you may be unsure about physical therapy and whether it’s the right option for you.  Maybe you’ve had a poor experience elsewhere in the past or have been told that surgery is your only option.  If this is you, join us for a free discovery visit, sit down 1-on-1 with a doctor of physical therapy, and have a candid discussion about your health history, goals, and opportunities for improvement that can help you achieve your goals.