Next Level Physio in Cary, NC provides world-class rehabilitation and return-to-sport services that help you meet your activity and sports-specific goals. 

Excellent quality, excellent service, all the time.

The Next Level Difference

You work hard…and play harder

And, when you can’t be at your best, it’s frustrating.

If you’re active and over the age of 30, you know what we’re talking about.  As athletes and fitness enthusiasts ourselves, we know.  Who wants to be sidelined with the same issues and injuries?

Even worse- who wants to receive mediocre care from a “mill?” You want the best care for you and your family, and it’s not going to happen when your PT is seeing 2 or more patients every hour.  

If you want the ‘ol hot pack, rubdown, e-stim, ice pack, maybe a quick needling, and a few cookie cutter exercises, you’ll get the best basic care there is, don’t get me wrong.

But, that’s not you.

That’s why at Next Level Physio we offer elite level sports physiotherapy services for every athlete and active person.

Specializing in outpatient orthopedics, our dedicated team of licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy have had great success helping clients with conditions ranging from post-operative care to sports performance plateaus to overuse injuries.

Hands-On therapy


 Focused phyotherapy programs help our patients in Cary, NC maximize their movement potential, restore biomechanics and take it to the next level by emphasizing: 


✔ Strength 

✔ Endurance 

✔ Balance 

✔ Power 

✔ Competitive performance 

✔ Agility 

✔ Speed 

Rehabilitation tailored to you

At Next Level Physio, here’s our 3 step process for how we get clients to the next level-

  1. We find the root cause
  2. We provide you with an individualized plan of care with specific programming
  3. We constantly test and retest your progress to make sure your results are being met.

No matter what your goals, our expert physio team will help you recover from injury, maximize your human potential and help you excel in your chosen movement activities. Our detailed evaluation and whole body treatment approach will help overcome your pain, optimize movement efficiency and prevent future injury.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy img 4

    Rehabilitation experts on your side

    Next Level Physio is a team of specialized rehabilitation experts. With advanced training and expertise in biomechanics, fitness, skilled manual interventions, and sports performance, you can rest assured that your Next Level PT in Cary will get you moving and back to the things you love to do.

    Research that improves your care

    We constantly work to provide cutting-edge care, incorporating the latest assessment tools and intervention strategies. We research human movement, biomechanics and athletic performance and use the evidence to get you the best results.

    Feeling stuck? Looking for long term results and a real solution? Let us show you why Next Level Physio is different

    What You Won’t Experience at Next Level Physio

    1. Cookie-cutter treatment plans
    2. Unskilled services
    3. Treatment of multiple patients at once
    4. Passing of patients between various practitioners

    What we offer

    • One-on-one skilled care
    • Concussion management 
    • Electro-Dry needling 
    • Movement analysis
    • Golf rehab
    • Spine care 
    • 3D Gait Analysis
    • Running rehabilitation and coaching
    • Triathlon rehabilitation and coaching 
    • Return-to-sport physio
    • Manual therapy 
    • Mobilization/ manipulation techniques 
    • Dynamic Electro-Cupping
    • Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

    And, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. 

    We love to be active and athletic, just like you!

    Next Level Physio is here for you. 

    Forget assembly line healthcare.  We structured our physical therapy differently to restore the focus to the patient, treat the individual as a whole and achieve long-term results.  With customized one-on-one care, we give you the time, attention and quality treatment you deserve to achieve your health and wellness goals.

    Ready To Regain Your Movement Freedom?

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