Rehab Like the Pros at Next Level Physio

You deserve top-tier care and here at Next Level Physio in Demarest, NJ, top-tier care is all we do. From physical therapy to our Regen Physio program to performance enhancement, we offer end-to-end wellness and recovery solutions for athletes and active adults to help you feel your best and achieve peak physical functioning.  Forget the same old standard programming or cookie-cutter exercises.  Working with our expert team, you can expect personalized, one-on-one care that treats the system as a whole and works toward optimization of your health and human performance.

The Care You Need to Step Up Your Game

When your goal is to advance your game, you want to know you’re in the best hands. At Next Level in Demarest, NJ, our team knows what it takes to help athletes and active individuals perform at their peak potential. On a mission to rewrite the narrative of rehabilitative status-quo care, our one-on-one, expert-level approach guarantees results.

Wellness solutions spanning the recovery and performance spectrum

Skilled hands-on techniques

Cutting edge technology

A total body approach

Education and collaboration that empowers you to be an active participant in your recovery

Recover. Train. Perform.

Physical Therapy

From nagging aches and pains to acute post-operative recovery, our doctors of physical therapy are here to support you through your rehabilitative journey. Incorporating the latest evidence-based practices with an active and total body approach, our recovery strategy empowers you to keep moving safely and efficiently through your care. Using customized and professional-level programming, you’ll return to sport better and stronger than ever before.

Regen Physio Program

Integrating recovery optimization with total body wellness, our Regen Physio Program provides athletes and active adults with a customized solution to achieve overall movement and wellness goals. Combining professional-grade modalities, guided nutritio, and supplement support, we help prime your system for optimal functioning and peak performance.

Performance Enhancement

Champions deserve champion-level care. Our performance enhancement program is designed to identify movement dysfunction, train sport-specific movement patterns, and holistically address your training and recovery habits. Through unique programming tailored to your specific needs, we work to improve strength, agility, and coordination for athletes of all abilities.

What to Expect:

Total Body Assessment

Whether you’re coming to us for physical therapy or performance enhancement services, each program begins with a total body analysis to assess your overall movement patterns, tissue type, and unique goals. By treating the body as a whole and not a part, we’re able to effectively identify the root cause of your dysfunction and opportunities for improvement that help guide your treatment plan.

Customized Solutions

Based on our findings, your specific plan will be formulated with customized solutions aimed at your wellness, your performance, and your goals. Using a holistic approach, we won’t just look at movement but consider everything from nutrition to recovery to training schedules to ensure both efficient and long-lasting outcomes.


Working hand-in-hand with your dedicated expert, expect guided yet collaborative care that empowers you to be your best and feel your best. With continuous monitoring and adjustments as needed, you can rest assured that you are always receiving effective care centered around results.

See What Our Patients Are Saying

Tried other pts for some running-related knee pain before coming to Next Level Physio. It was a night and day experience. Dr. Nick and Anthony provided treatments I’ve seen used on professional athletes that have substantially sped up my recovery time, and gave me strengthening exercises that were actually challenging and muscle-building. They’re all very clearly highly trained experts. Highly recommend them, particularly if you’re an athlete.

Judy Goodwin