Redefining rehabilitation with performance physical therapy and sports performance in Hillsdale, NJ

Welcome to Next Level Physio in Hillsdale, NJ, where we specialize in optimizing the performance of active adults and athletes, both in the peak of health and during the recovery journey.  Going beyond traditional rehab, our expert team is dedicated to providing comprehensive care that enhances performance and helps our clients reach their full potential.
Whether you’re a collegiate athlete, a recreational runner, or a proud member of our active community, our tailored programming is designed to help you meet your unique movement goals.  Here at Next Level, we understand the demands of exercise and athletics and the satisfaction it brings to our clients.  Our mission is simple- to optimize your movement, prevent or eliminate injuries, and keep you feeling your best as you move through life. 

Whether you’re recovering from pain or injury, taking a step forward in your wellness journey, or enhancing your performance on the field, we offer end-to-end solutions to help you achieve your movement goals. 

A new level of performance physical therapy

Just as our name implies, Next Level is here to provide exceptional care to get you exceptional results.  We specialize in solving complex physical problems in active individuals so they can continue to perform in whatever activity brings them joy.  Do you love CrossFit? Live for your marathon accomplishments? Don’t stop doing what you love… learn how to do it better.

Many of our clients have attempted alternative treatments, felt failed by traditional healthcare offerings, and found great success in our holistic approach.  As biomechanical experts and athletes ourselves, we have a keen understanding of the physical and mental demands of sport and the importance of well-executed movement.  Offering end-to-end solutions from injury prevention to post-surgical care to our ReGen Physio Program, we are here to support you wherever you’re at in your health and wellness journey.

What sets us apart:

Evidence-based, creative programming approaches

State-of-the-art facilities and equipment 

Attention to detail

Professional, clean, and friendly environment 

Authentic care taking into consideration the client as a “whole” versus a “part”

A collaborative approach giving you the motivation, tools, and empowerment you need to succeed 

Simultaneous plan to treat your symptoms while priming the body with customized training to come out of your care healed and ready to crush your athletic goals

Prevention, recovery, and wellness offerings including our ReGen Physio Program to keep you in peak physical condition at all stages of the health continuum

At Next Level Physio, our holistic approach addresses not only the physical aspects of your injury but also considers your lifestyle, nutrition, training regimen, goals, and ultimate aspirations.  With our support, we don’t just want you to recover, we want you to step out of our doors stronger, fitter, and more resilient than ever before.

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