Helping improve function, manage pain and maximize movement potential  

Next Level Physio in Preston, NC is a leader in sports performance and outpatient physical therapy services offering top-level, results-driven care to get you back in the game.

Whatever your goal, we can help

Our team of experts is here for you.  Whether you’re an elite-level athlete or a weekend warrior hoping to return to the tennis court after a knee replacement, our dedicated team will establish a customized treatment plan and provide one-on-one guidance to help you achieve your maximum movement potential.  We’re here to help you get well and stay healthy.

Are you in pain? Underperforming? Lacking confidence in your daily functioning?

We’ve got you. Here at Next Level Physio we offer:

✔ Physical Therapy

✔ 1-on-1 individualized treatment

✔ Sports medicine 

✔ 3D gait analysis

✔ Dry needling

✔ Cupping

✔ Biomechanics training 

✔ Skilled manual therapy 

✔ Medical fitness and sports performance

Woman with cupping treatment on back

Movement analysis, Physical Therapy and Sports Performance for every condition and every body

Movement Analysis 

We use technology and data to examine your movement patterns, break down impairments and track improvement.

Physical Therapy 

Our dedicated team of Physical Therapists will create a customized treatment plan to restore mobility, improve strength, maximize movement efficiency, optimize function and prevent future injury.

Sports Performance

Our sports physical therapists understand the unique demands of athletic competition and adapt treatment accordingly to get you back on the court, field or track as soon as possible while maximizing safety and competitive potential. We work collaboratively to ensure all aspects of our athletes are considered when completing care.

Conditions We Treat 

✔ Fractures

✔ Sports injuries 

✔ Overuse injuries 

✔ Pain and mobility dysfunction 

✔ Pre and post-surgical care 

✔ Acute and chronic neck and back pain 

✔ Nerve injuries 

✔ ACL prevention 

✔ Acute traumatic injuries 

✔ Gait and postural impairments 

✔ Chronic pain 

✔ Concussion recovery


We’re not your average Physical Therapy clinic in Preston. 

Are you feeling frustrated or underwhelmed by previous rehabilitation experiences? Let us show you the Next Level difference!  Our expert team of licensed Physical Therapists in Preston, NC provide targeted and skilled manual techniques, along with neuromuscular retraining and therapeutic exercise to reduce pain, restore mobility, maximize strength and improve function.

Join us as we guide you on your healing journey:

  • Identify and treat the root cause of your issues, not just the symptoms.
  • Regain your confidence and master your own movement capabilities.
  • Establish and achieve your wellness goals.
  • Don’t just get better, realize your true fitness potential.

At Next Level Physio, we are here for you. 
Let us show you the next level difference and get you back in the game.

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