Experience Physical Therapy and Performance Training the Next Level Way

Welcome to Next Level Physio in Saddle River, NJ where top-tier care meets sports science. Combining advanced technology and cutting-edge treatment models, our team provides high-quality care that athletes need to perform at their highest potential. 

From our Athlete regen program to post-operative rehabilitation, Next Level spans the spectrum of wellness offerings to meet each individual’s unique needs and goals. Bridging the gap between rehabilitation and performance training, we can provide best-in-class treatment for athletes and active adults taking them from injury back to victory.

Rehab Differently


Our total body analysis allows us to identify the primary cause of your issues and establish customized solutions to get you results. Eliminate mobility dysfunctions, regain strength, and restore your body to a pain-free state.

Optimize and enhance

In order to feel well you need to move well. Optimize your movement to enhance system-wide efficiency, enhance performance, and protect your body against future injury.


Programming should go beyond short-term fixes…that’s why we provide long-term, comprehensive solutions to build injury resilience and keep you operating at peak performance.

A One Size Fits One Approach to Care

Here at Next Level, our mission is to provide care with integrity. We firmly believe that movement is medicine and most issues can and should be solved without medication or unnecessary procedures. Our clients are go-getters and invested in their health and expect honest and direct guidance that leads them to better functioning. With customized programming, each client will receive one-on-one care with your goals at the heart of what we do. Whether you’re hoping to prime your system going into a sports season, recover from nagging discomfort, or level up your fitness routine, we have solutions to get you there.

The Next Level Formula

Customized programming
Science-backed methods
Advanced manual therapy techniques
1:on:1 treatment 

Real Work. Real Results.