03 Apr 2023

Are you struggling to run, unable to train your legs properly, and even feeling sore when you go about your normal daily routine because of annoying ankle pain?

If so, we understand how frustrating this can be.

Over many years, we've worked with lots of people with ankle pain and got them back to their favorite activities with less hesitation, limitations, and discomfort.

Why Exercises For Your Ankle Pain Haven't Worked

A lot of people who've visited us to get expert help and natural treatments for their ankle pain have often tried to do exercises themselves at home before.

They might have been on YouTube, copied a demonstration video on social media, or been given a sheet of paper with ankle exercises from a doctor (the same exercises they give every other person with ankle pain).

And often, the result is underwhelming.

Their ankle pain goes away for a very short time, or in a lot of cases, it actually gets worse!

If this sounds familiar, we appreciate that over time, ankle pain has become a bigger part of your life and started to impact you in lots of ways.

Your ankle pain puts you in a bad mood, which means you aren't the best person to be around for your partner, your children, and your friends.

Your ankle pain also gets in the way of your hobbies - you can't exercise like you used to which is really frustrating and affects your body, your health, and also your happiness.

Your ankle pain can even make you fearful of certain activities, which leaves you doing less and less. You might avoid driving because that flares up your ankle pain, or let someone else in the house take your dogs for their daily walks.

The reason the exercises for your ankle pain didn't work is that they were generic, and not tailored to your specific problem.

The ankle is a very complex joint, and there can be lots of reasons your ankle is hurting.

So doing random exercises, means you rely on luck to relieve your ankle pain - and that rarely works!

If you struggle with stiffness and tightness in your ankle or even a sprained ankle, our team can help you with personalized advice for free!

Right now, we are offering a limited number of Spring Sprain Assessments where you can speak to one of our expert team, and discover the most effective ways to recover from ankle injuries, and get back to an active life doing what you love!

Call our team at 201-746-9966 or click HERE to arrange your Spring Sprain Assessment.

Is It Worth Doing Exercises For Ankle Pain?

So should you even do exercises for ankle pain?

In short - Yes!

If you've tried exercises to relieve your ankle pain, and haven't had success, don't give up hope.

The important thing to remember is that exercising your ankle requires the right type and the right dosage - this is where you probably went wrong before.

Just like any prescribed medicine, the exercise prescription requires the right dosage.

If you do too little or too much exercise for your ankle, you may either get no results or end up with worse pain, which can further delay your recovery. 

As the ankle is a complex joint, there are so many different muscles playing a part in making your ankle move freely, and without stiffness and discomfort.  

In this blog, we can't diagnose your ankle pain and prescribe exercises because we can't listen to your story, learn about what's hurting, and uncover the root cause of the pain.

However, here are 3 general strategies that go into creating an ankle exercise program that quickly relieves pain, and restores full movement so you can get back to an active life.

Rule Out Weakness Or Imbalances

If you have weakness or imbalances in any part of your body that integrates or support the ankle, this could be contributing to discomfort and instability.

So, firstly, you want to rule out weaknesses and imbalances.

Target Joint Supporting Muscles And Tendons

Secondly, you want to target and strengthen muscles and tendons that support the ankle joint which could be contributing to or worsening your ankle pain.

Focus On Functional Movements To Improve Ankle Resilience And Capacity

Finally, you want to get your ankle moving again in a functional manner - incorporating actions that use multiple muscle groups at once which is how we actually move in our daily lives.

This can make your ankle resilient to stress, and increase it's capacity to cope with activity. This means you can get back to your workouts, walk without fear of pain, and play with the kids or grandchildren at the weekend.

Get Fast Ankle Pain Relief

If you've had enough of putting up with your ankle pain, are sick of worrying about it getting worse, and are desperate to finally stop it, we can help!

With a variety of natural, proven treatment options, at Next Level Physio in Cary, Montclair, Morrisville, and Woodcliff Lake, there's nowhere better for you to go.

Due to extremely high demand, we have a limited number of Free Spring Sprain Assessments where you can speak to an expert, get your questions answered, and discover the best options to treat your ankle pain.

It's 100% free, there's no pressure, and we promise you'll leave with a better understanding of why your ankle is hurting, and how you can get fast relief without pills, injections, or surgery.

Call our team at 201-746-9966 to arrange yours - we would love to see you and get you back to your best!

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Why You Can’t Get Relief When Doing Exercises For Your Ankle Pain