01 Jul 2021

Are you training for a triathlon and want to increase your performance? Do you wish you could run faster and without pain? Is a knee, hip, ankle, or other
injury holding you back from your marathon, soccer game, or active lifestyle?

5 Reasons To Get A 3D Running Gait Analysis

If this sounds like you, then you need an assessment with Next Level Physio’s latest technology, a 3D running analysis by runDNA. Whether you’re returning from an injury or aiming for your next PR, 3D running gait analysis is perfect for beginners, experienced runners, and everyone in-between.

Running analyses aren’t new, and they have been done in 2D for several years. However, the use of 3D technology has completely changed the quality and usefulness of running gait analyses and includes sophisticated technology to help you reach your performance goals.

Still not convinced? Let’s ask the experts at Next Level Physio to go through the most commonly-asked questions when it comes to 3D running analyses.

Download & Read the Full Expert Analysis by Team Next Level Physio

5 Reasons To Get a 3D Running Gait Analysis