Is Your Shoulder, Arm, And Hand Pain Stopping You from Performing Everyday Tasks?

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We ask a lot from our shoulders, arms, and hands, including having the flexibility and strength to press, pull, reach, hold, lift, and carry. With all this activity, it’s not surprising that we experience some level of shoulder, hand, and arm discomfort at some point in our life.

However, if this pain is left untreated, it can result in chronic issues that can hinder everyday tasks such as brushing your hair, getting dressed, or carrying groceries.

Physical Therapy Can Provide Effective Relief from Shoulder, Arm, and Hand Pain

At Next Level Physio, our physio team is committed to improving your flexibility and range of motion, along with alleviating the discomfort and pain you are experiencing.

We’ll use a number of treatment methods to relieve pressure on the muscles, joints and tendons and combine it with an active-based care model.Along with that, we will also focus on strengthening and stretching exercises, including gentle pendulum exercises and education on correct movement and posture to alleviate the pain.

We treat some common shoulder, arm, and hand problems, including bursitis, rotator cuff tendonitis, shoulder fracture, arm fracture, stroke recovery, and frozen shoulder.

Rotator cuff tendonitis, or tendinitis, affects the muscles and tendons that help you move your shoulder joint. If you are suffering from tendonitis, it indicates your tendons are sore or inflamed, leading to bursitis.

Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, happens when your shoulder slowly loses motion and becomes painful. This condition can become painful and debilitating if not treated timely.

Shoulder fractures result from accidents and falls. For example, if you fall on your outstretched arm, you can experience a painful shoulder fracture. You can even injure your humerus, scapula, collarbone, or all three in a bad accident or fall.

Whatever type of shoulder, arm, or hand pain you are experiencing, our trained physical therapists can curate a specialized program to treat your specific condition. Physical therapy has been proven to be effective against various shoulder, arm, and hand conditions. In several cases, it has eliminated the need for invasive surgeries and harmful drugs.

What to Expect from A Physiotherapy Appointment?

A lot of communication! We want to get to know you during our Physio evaluation, because this will help to steer us on the right course for your success plan. We want to know what you can and can’t do, but more importantly- what you love to do, but haven’t been able to do because of pain, limitation, or fear. If you’re a runner or Crossfitter and have been miserable because of that nagging knee issue, we want to know all about it!

Our MEI Method is the paradigm we use to determine where you are in your journey and how to create the best plan of care for the best outcomes. We’ll do the fundamentals, of course- get your medical history, gather and analyze all of your biometric movement data, then help you create a game plan that will get you to your next level.

Your follow-up appointments are scheduled based on your individualized plan of care. Every session will include a directed plan for the day, which may include skilled manual therapy, guided exercise, cutting-edge rehab devices, and our world renowned TLC; oftentimes, being able to talk about your physical frustrations with someone who cares can be the best therapy!

Head Over to Next Level Physio for Shoulder, Arm, and Hand Pain in Bergen County, NJ!

Have you had “physical therapy” before and been disappointed by the level of care you had? People come to see us after they’ve experienced that old school, 70’s traditional model- Hot packs, ultrasound, e-stim, a handful of dumb exercises, and a 5 minute chat with their PT. What a colossal waste of your precious time!

You’re not going to find that here at Next Level Physio. Period.

Our clients often leave feeling better, stronger, and fitter than when they first came in. One of our biggest compliments from a client using our approach- “I didn’t know I’d lose 4 pounds while rehabbing my shoulder!”

Here’s what you WILL find at Next Level Physio-

  • A highly-skilled physiotherapy team
  • Physios who are also active and “get you”
  • Individualized care and attention
  • Professional AND family feel from all of our team members
  • Results