Next Level Physio was created to elevate the standard of physical therapy care.  Addressing all aspects of fitness and wellness, we embark every day to help our clients become the best version of themselves.

Maybe you’ve tried a high-volume physical therapy practice and were less than impressed.  We get it.  Healthcare has evolved to prioritize efficiency versus efficacy and like you, we’re tired of it.  That’s why we have elevated our standard of care to match our clients’ desire for next-level treatment. We firmly believe in the power of well-designed, whole-body, and individualized programming to power development and transformation.

Treating you as a whole, not a part

Most providers today focus on a “body part” approach looking at joints, muscles, and nerves in isolation.  Not here.  We see structures and dysfunction within the context of movement as a whole.  The root cause of your issue is rarely synonymous with the site of pain.  If your physical therapist or medical professional isn’t looking at the joints above and below your pain points, they are likely missing a big part of your issues.  Here at Next Level Physio, we will guide you down effective, tailored programming that addresses both your symptoms and the underlying cause of your impairments so you can get back to doing what you love to do quickly and safely.


Innovative solutions to help you optimize your life


Discovery Visit 

Embark on your journey with a Free Discovery Visit, providing you an opportunity to converse one-on-one with one of our doctors of physical therapy.  Here we will address your concerns, answer your questions, and discuss our unique program offerings tailored to your healing.

This service is completely free, intended to help you make the most informed decision about your health.  We are passionate about helping you achieve a level of wellness and performance never experienced before and we would love the opportunity to show you how.


Our evaluation process is different from your typical PT assessment.  Using a total body analysis, we look at the body as a whole uncovering system-wide impairments that are impacting your mechanics and movement patterns.  Our goal is to both identify the root cause of your current issues and educate you on ways to stay ahead of future injury.

As part of your evaluation, we also review your entire medical history, discuss past treatment successes and failures, and discuss the gaps and opportunities where Next Level Physio can help you improve.

Plan of Care

Once our assessment process is complete, it’s go-time.  While short-term goals will focus on local pain and inflammation control, long-term care will address deficiencies in your training regimen, biomechanics, and nutrition.  We’re after long-term solutions and do what it takes to keep you healthy for the long run.

Typical treatment strategies will combine skilled manual interventions, purposeful corrective exercises, and evidence-based modalities that help accelerate recovery.   One-size-fits-one is the name of our game.  No cookie-cutter programming, no assembly-line feels, just high-quality care that delivers results.

Level Up Program

When your pain goes away, the job isn’t done.  Our level-up program is our post-physio fitness solution designed to keep you accountable, healthy, and evolving towards your best self.  Under the guidance of your primary DPT, you’ll get a custom exercise program based on your unique needs for a worry-free exercise experience.  Continue to level up your physical fitness with a monthly program that guides you forward in your strength and fitness journey.

What to Expect:

  • 45-minute sessions with individualized programming designed by your primary DPT
  • Independent programming with staff available right on hand to answer your questions as you progress through
  • Come on your own time (subject to hours of operation)
  • Progress without uncertainty about whether or not you’re doing an exercise the correct way
  • DFY Program curated just for you- leave it to the pros who know you best- your dedicated PT will continue to tailor your program to ensure your workouts are both safe and effective

Invest in your wellness today and take your health and wellness to the next level.

Our Process

Discovery Visit


Plan of Care

Maintenance Program