Strengthen Muscles Weak From Surgery Or Disuse With Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Whether your muscles have atrophied because of disuse or after an accident, blood flow restriction therapy can revitalize and strengthen them once again. Our trained and experienced physio team is proficient in conducting blood flow restriction exercises that can breathe new life in weakened limbs.

What Is Blood Flow Restriction Therapy?

What Is Blood Flow Restriction Therapy?

As per the name, blood flow restriction (BFR) therapy is an exercise that involves the use of blood flow restriction cuffs to occlude blood flow from a limb while reducing arterial blood flow to it at the same tome. Think of it as a therapy that allows muscles to grow stronger without heavy weight training or high intensity workouts.

How would this help you?

Our program is highly beneficial for patients who are going through physical rehab post injury or after a surgical procedure that left them bedridden/immobile for a prolonged period of time. The low activity level often results in muscle atrophy, a condition that is both painful and debilitating.

BFR therapy is critical for such patients as it maintains muscle mass and strength as they get fit and healthy with other therapies. However, you don’t have to be a recovering patient to benefit from BFR. The therapy is also beneficial for athletes who wish to build and maintain muscle without worrying about injuries. It is often accompanied with high intensity training sessions for this benefit.

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How BFR Therapy Works

BFR works by restricting blood flow to a limb as a patient or athlete exercises at low intensity. It involves the use of a controlled pressurized cuff that is placed on the upper part of an arm or a leg and it is attached to a BFR unit.

As the cuff tightens, it restricts blood flow in the veins and also partially restricts oxygenated blood flow in the arteries that line the muscle as well. All of this happens as the patient or athlete exercises at 20% to 30% of their max output.

The result? An increase in growth hormones straight to the muscles which allow them to synthesize more protein thus getting stronger in the interim.

When is BFR Therapy Used?

Besides enhancing muscle strength and blood flow, blood flow restriction training physical therapy is also used to help the elderly regain strength. The therapy provides better gains compared to solo exercises. It is also known for improving heart health for patients who are unable to exercise (due to disabilities or injuries) or who cannot lift weights.

Additionally, BFR is also often recommended for patients who undergo joint replacement or foot/knee/ankle/shoulder surgery to expedite their recovery. Our trained therapists have a soft touch, but they are also firm when it comes to ensuring each patient can experience the best gains from their sessions.

Aren’t you tired of living a half life? Muscle atrophy is no joke. At Next Level Physio, we offer blood flow restriction therapy for recovering patients and athletes who want to improve their performance. Get in touch with us for an appointment today.

Blood Flow Restriction Training