While injuries can debilitate an adult, the effects they can have on a child are not only limited to physical ailments, they can be mentally and emotionally traumatizing as well. At Next Level Physio we understand each parent’s pain and work with them to aid their child to reach his/her maximum potential and function independently using our Pediatric Physical Therapy solutions.

Our patients range from infants to teenaged competitive athletes and young adults with childhood disorders. We have helped them all by helping them enhance their participation in school, at home and in the community at large.

We Can Help Your Child Reach Their Maximum Potential

We Can Help Your Child Reach Their Maximum Potential

Use our pediatric program to help your child excel in their speech, physical and occupational needs. We offer physical therapy solutions for children and young adults ranging from 0 to 21 years of age. We understand that each child’s needs are unique and our experienced therapists will create a specialized plan of care that is perfect for them.

Our job doesn’t end there. We will also share your child’s progress with you throughout their care because we understand how vital your participation is for the therapy. We understand that your experience with your child can be a challenge and want you to know that you are not alone. We are committed to partnering with you in caring for them in a progressive and productive manner.

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What to Expect

At Next Level Physio we offer tailored and kid friendly therapies to put you and your child at ease. Boasting specialized pediatric equipment and homey furnishings, our center is designed to engage, soothe and motivate.

We use only the best and proven treatment methods to help your child achieve the best outcome possible. Delivering therapies during one-on-one sessions, our therapists are completely devoted to each child they are assigned to. They use play-based activities to get the children to participate and also use small group therapy sessions to aid some children with social communication and interaction.

Some of the main goals of our pediatric physical therapy session include the following:

  • Reducing pain.
  • Reaching developmental milestones.
  • Restoring strength.
  • Improving balance and coordination.
  • Enhancing their ability to take part in school and in sports.

All of the therapists here at Next Level Physio are licensed professionals who are experts in their chosen fields. They can determine, diagnose and develop tailored plans of care for each patient and are used to overcoming challenges. We work together to fill gaps within care and integrated programs are the norm as well. We work as partners to ensure faster and more sustainable results overall.

 Once you join us at Next Level Physio, you can ensure your child’s motor development and athletic skills will improve. We also play an active role with coaches, schools and healthcare professionals to ensure your child can get the holistic care he/she needs for a better quality of life.

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