Are you experiencing hip, knee, or foot pain? You are not alone. Many people experience hip, knee, and foot pain at some point in their life.

Get physical therapy to alleviate your pain and live a pain-free life!

Our hips, knees, and feet take a beating through life! Whether you’re a walker, runner, athlete, Crossfitter, cashier, or just standing in line at Disney, gravity just does its thing and weighs you down. Because we’re always on our feet to get from place to place, over time, our lower half can be susceptible to injury or overuse.

The quick fix to deal with those nagging aches is to take meds, get injected, or just avoid activity. None of these provides a great long term solution.

Have you considered physiotherapy?

Physical Therapy to Treat Hip, Knee, and Foot Pain In Bergen County, NJ

At Next Level Physio, our highly skilled physio team has treated thousands of clients with hip, knee, and feet issues. We specialize in helping active clients stay active while helping them on their path to recovery and helping them to excel to their next level.

We don’t stop at getting clients back to just everyday activities. Our goal is to help clients leave better than they have ever been. We have countless success stories of athletes ready to retire due to an injury, finding themselves PRing at their next big race or event. People who have resigned to the couch potato life, only later finding themselves in our fitness and triathlon clubs.

Your Next level is waiting for you. Are you ready to rise to the occasion? We wanna help you get there.

What does your Physio Evaluation look like at Next Level Physio?

  • On day one, we want to get to know ALL about YOU. Our doctors of physiotherapy dedicate a large portion of the physio evaluation listening to you….is not being able to stay active just breaking your heart?We get you.We’re athletes and active people, too. Maybe Crossfit, running, or golf is your best outlet for keeping it all together during the week. Maybe you’ve been sacrificing time with your loved ones for several months to train for that race...only to be stopped dead in your tracks by that nagging knee pain that you’ve been ignoring….tell us all about it. This is all about you.Identifying the root cause of your limitations, pain, or dysfunction is also a critical piece of our physio evaluation. You can’t treat what you can’t diagnose. Our physios will evaluate your movement and gather data during the evaluation to figure out the right plan of care for you.We’re not about using a cookie-cutter approach. In fact, our MEI Method is an algorithm designed to place you on the right progression track for success. After all, clients respond very differently to different strategies and techniques even when they come in with the same diagnosis.The proof is in the plan of care. Once we determine where you are on the path to recovery, we’ll help you decide which success plan is the best for you. Some people need to be seen for a few times, others may need to see us for several months. It all depends on you. From the research, we know that the optimal plan of care is typically 12-15 sessions, which can be spread out over several weeks or several months.When we’re talking about the hips, knees, foot/ankle, the first step is to reduce the nagging aches and pains, so that you can move around with less limitation and pain. We favor the Australian manual therapy approaches and cutting edge rehab devices to help us accelerate your healing. We also work on optimizing your body and joint alignment through mobility and stability activities, which help you move better for activity or everyday life. Next, we need to load your body; the literature undeniably points to a guided strength program as one of the best ways to maintain any gains you’ve achieved in your early rehab phases. Finally, we test your progress! If you started feeling knee pain at 1 mile before physiotherapy, let’s guide you to run a quarter mile and work you up to that mile and beyond.

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Hip, knee, and foot pain can worsen over time, and the longer you leave it unchecked, the more difficult it will be to get back on track! Makes sense, right?

If you or your loved one is experiencing hip, knee, or foot pain in Bergen County, NJ, don't wait around or suffer in silence. Get the advice and care you deserve – seek help from one of our skilled physio team members today!