Physical therapy with a purpose

Next Level Physio in North Raleigh, NC is a leader in sports medicine and orthopedic physical therapy providing elite care to athletes of all ages.

Here at Next Level Physio, we strive for excellence.  Our dedicated team of clinicians includes top-level physical therapists, exercise physiologists and sports performance coaches ready to address all aspects of fitness and wellness.  Whether you’re a professional athlete or an older adult looking to lead a more physically dynamic life, we are here for YOU.

Ready to move away from your pain? Seeking to take your athletic abilities to the next level? Feeling frustrated by previous failed PT experiences? … We got you.

6 reasons traditional therapy may be failing you:

  1. Cookie-cutter programming
  2. Treating a part instead of the whole body
  3. Inconsistency of care passing you off between various assist staff
  4. Lack of skilled manual intervention
  5. Treating the symptoms instead of the cause of your issue
  6. Care ends at 80% improvement neglecting return-to-sport considerations

Patient use resistance band stretching out his leg

What to expect at Next Level Physio:

  • Fractures
  • Focused hands-on care
  • One-on-one individualized attention
  • Consultation with fitness and movement experts
  • Progression to fully functional and athletic recovery
  • Pofessional, fun and highly motivating environment



    We are here to:

    ✔ Motivate
    ✔ Educate
    ✔ Heal
    ✔ Inspire
    ✔ Achieve


    Using a multi-disciplinary approach, we help rid you of pain, restore function and achieve greatness.  From electro-dry needling to 3-D gait analysis to functional retraining, we tailor our treatment plans to meet your dynamic needs and goals.

    IASTM Technique Treatment img 4


    Through clinical excellence, state-of-the-art facilities and research-driven treatment interventions, we strive to raise the bar in top-quality rehabilitative care in North Raleigh.  We lead by example, practice what we preach and truly believe in the power of fitness and physical well-being.  Join us as we shift away from assembly-line healthcare and refocus the attention back to you.

    Comprehensive holistic training

    You cannot treat a part without treating the whole.  Pain involves biological, psychological and social components and each must be addressed to have long-lasting clinical results.


    We are the experts in human movement.  Using years of clinical experience alongside advanced analytic technology, we can break down impairments, re-educate and restore optimal movement patterns. 


    When the pain is gone and mobility has returned, true conditioning begins.  Let us unleash your athletic potential and guide you back into the game in a safe, effective and efficient manner.

    What We Treat: 

    ✔ Back Pain & Sciatica
    ✔ Shoulder Pain
    ✔ Elbow, Wrist & Hand Pain
    ✔ Balance & Gait
    ✔ Neck Pain & Headaches
    ✔ Knee & Hip Pain
    ✔ Foot & Ankle Pain
    ✔ Fibromyalgia 
    ✔ Osteoporosis
    ✔ Pelvic Pain
    ✔ Chronic Pain
    ✔ Pre-Surgical Rehab
    ✔ Post-Surgical Rehab
    ✔ Torticollis
    ✔ Neurological Disorders
    ✔ Vestibular Rehab
    ✔ Fitness Programming

    Set your goals and let us help you achieve them

    Our Vision

    We strive to provide top-quality rehabilitative care in an environment that facilitates motivation and healing.  We want to build relationships and a community that centers around physical fitness and well-being.  Let us level up your performance potential and achieve your health and wellness goals across your lifespan.

    Ready to experience the best physical therapy in North Raleigh? 

    Let us show you the Next Level way 

    Give us a call and schedule your consultation today