Here at NL Physio in Saddle River, NJ

Our qualified team of clinicians is ready to show you what top-tier recovery is all about. Offering a combination of expertise, experience and specialized training alongside our own passion for athletics and movement, we’re prepared and motivated to help you improve. Our company was built to rescue individuals from the traditional medical system and give them the time and attention they deserve during the rehabilitation process.

We’re athletes treating athletes

We get it. Being hurt sucks and getting you back in the game is our #1 priority. Using our deep-rooted knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, biomechanics and athletic requirements, we can formulate a plan to help you recover safely and efficiently.


Offering individual 1-on-1 sessions, your treatment begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your mobility, strength and movement limitations.

From there, a tailored plan is developed with your goals at the forefront. Through frequent tracking and reassessment, we ensure you are constantly making progress and working toward your recovery objectives. No gimmicks, no guesswork, just focused purposeful interventions.


Unlike so many providers that simply address the symptoms, our goal is to get down to the root cause of your issue.

We’re tired of the short-term fixes that our healthcare system so frequently pushes. It’s time to get a solution that actually lasts. Here at NL Physio in Saddle River, NJ, we’re here to rehabilitate, restore and improve your movement strategies so you can stay healthy for years to come.

Are you tired of being limited from what you love to do? Finding short-term solutions but struggling to stay healthy long-term? Feeling like you are underperforming in your exercise or athletic endeavors?

We can help.

What to expect:

  • Comprehensive Total Body Analysis (“TBA”) to help identify why you may be injured or why your injury isn’t going away
  • A “whole person” approach with consideration of nutrition and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to chronic inflammation, plateau in progress and performance
  • Systems evaluation and modification to ensure that habitual movements, occupational contributors and alternative factors are not delaying your healing
  • Differential diagnosis when needed to ensure you are not wasting time or missing any underlying issues

Exceptional care. Trusted expertise. Remarkable outcomes.

Comprehensive recovery from start to finish


Using a myriad of skilled hands-on approaches and restorative exercises, eliminate your pain, restore your mobility and regain your strength.


Once your strength and mobility have returned, let the fun begin. Retrain your movement patterns through specific neuromuscular training that prepares your brain and your body for all the unknowns of athletic participation.


Work alongside our dedicated team of athletic performance professionals to help you jump higher, react faster and sprint harder than ever before.

Move better.  Optimize your physical potential. Get to your next level.

Get back to being your best with expert-guided care at Next Level Physio.

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