10 Aug 2020

The Best Treatment Method for Solving All of Your Aches and Pains

The older you get, the more aches and pains are bound to become an issue in your life. A rough day at work, a long day outside with the family, an unexpected injury—anyone of these factors could contribute to aches and pains throughout the body that may seem to never really give you a break. The body has an increasingly difficult time coping with injuries as you age. Something that you may have easily bounced back from in the course of a day or two as a child or teenager may take weeks or even longer to overcome once you pass the age of 40.

So many people are tempted to turn to pain medication as a means of coping with the discomfort, but there are a lot of drawbacks to relying solely on medication to address your pain. To begin, medication does not actually provide a solution to the pain, it merely lessens the pain for a brief period of time. Furthermore, many forms of pain medication are highly addictive and have painful health consequences. This is why the best treatment for solving all of your aches and pains is physical therapy.

Physical Therapy for all the Aches and Pains

Physical therapy is a comprehensive treatment method that is specialized to address pain wherever it develops within the body. Working with a licensed and trained physical therapist means working with someone who can diagnose the cause of the pain, rather than merely address the symptomology. Physical therapists use a combination of stretching, massage, and chiropractic adjustment to target the source of the pain and ultimately reduce both the severity and frequency of the discomfort.

As you are working with your physical therapist to overcome chronic pain, there are also tactics that you can use at home for added relief.

The Best Treatment Method For Solving All Of Your Aches And Pains

These top pain-relief tips include:

  • Hot & Cold Therapy: Using a hot compress or an ice pack, interchangeably, can help to alleviate pain as a result of fatigue and overuse. Taking warm or cold baths can also be helpful for this purpose. Different types of pain will benefit from different ratios of hot versus cold therapeutic support, and you should always consult with your physical therapist for specific guidelines.
  • Acupuncture & Acupressure: While acupuncture is a type of therapy that you would need to see a professional in order to undergo treatment, acupressure can be done at home with simple supplies. Foam rollers with pressure points are a great example of at-home acupressure care.
  • Yoga & Regular Stretching: As part of your physical therapy treatment you are going to be guided through basic stretches and exercises that can help to alleviate pain, and your physical therapist will provide you with guidelines regarding practicing those activities at home. Engaging in a regular yoga routine or spending time everyday stretching can help to alleviate tension and pain.

In addition to these helpful home-therapies, it cannot be understated how essential it is to provide your body with much-needed rest when you have experienced an injury. The best way to overcome pain is to provide your body with the time it needs to heal, and all therapies should be accompanied with plenty of rest and hydration. For support in overcoming your aches and pains, contact Next Level Physio to set up a consultation.

The Best Treatment Method for Solving all of Your Aches and Pains