30 May 2023

Are you suffering from a stiff, tight lower back that flares up after a few holes, making it difficult to pick up the ball or place it on the tee?

Do you struggle to walk the 18-hole rounds and what was once a way for you to socialize, unwind and have fun with your golfing buddies is becoming a source of your aches and pains?

Have you had nasty, sharp shoulder pain when you driving off the tee lately?

Golfers visit our clinics regularly, and these are problems we help people with all the time.

But if you are starting to notice that you're too stiff and immobile to play as well as you used to, or you get pain during a round, here is a cautionary tale...

Golfers Who Get Help

A lot of golfers recognize something isn't right, and seek the experts at our clinic.

Shortly after, their pain goes away, mobility improves, and they can play golf as often as they like.

Many even improve their game too!

With a variety of treatment options such as shockwave therapy, hands on rehabilitation and much more, this is absolutely possible without having to mask the pain with pills, or risk injections and surgery.

The Golfers Who Do Not Get Help

But a smaller portion of golfers with these problems, do not get help.

So what happens to them?

It starts off as a minor inconvenience.

A little stiffness in the lower back when they pick up the ball.

A little soreness in their knee as they walk the course.

A little pain in their elbow the next few days after a round of golf.

It's manageable (although annoying).

"It's not too bad, I can handle it." they say to themselves.

But over time, it becomes more severe, and more frequent until they can't play as often as they like...

They drop that mid-week round of golf or stop going to the driving range on the weeks that they play a round with their friends...

"Maybe I just need to rest up a little, and it'll get better." they say to themselves.

And over the next few months, the problem doesn't seem so bad.

So it's fixed?

Not quite.

Because another few months pass, and the pain is back, the tightness is back, and the discomfort is back.

And now it's not just confined to the golf course.

Their shoulders start to hurt when they load the groceries into the car, or play catch with their grandkids.

Their back starts to hurt on a daily basis, and means they are wake up exhausted after terrible sleep every night.

"I'll go to the doctor, take these pills and rest a little more." they say to themselves.

And you probably know how this goes...

The doctor says "take these pills, and rest" - even though you've already done that.

You don't know what to do.

You're lost, confused, and missing the happiness that playing a round of golf gives you.

Because now you only play golf once a month, when you used to play 2-3 times every week.

And you're suffering in the other areas of your life too as you've become weaker, more injury prone and just feel awful!

"Maybe my golfing days are behind me, I just can't take it any more." they say to themselves.

But this is NOT true.

And our patients are proof of this.

We have patients who are well into their retirement, playing golf multiple times per week, and not dealing with pain, stiffness and injuries.


They came to the experts at our clinics.

So if any of this cautionary tale sounds familiar, we can help - whatever stage of the story you are in!

If it's just a little niggling ache as you reach the final few holes.

Or a constant pain that's with your from the first hole, we can help.

Get Back To Pain-Free Golf And Play Multiple Times Every Week!

We have four clinics in the area (Cary, Montclair, Morrisville, and Woodcliff Lake), and demand is extremely high right now, however, we do offer a limited number of appointments for Free Golf Movement Screenings.

This appointment is 1-1 with an expert physical therapist, who will listen to your story, and then provide you with personalized advice to get you playing more golf, driving further off the tee, and reducing your handicap!

Arrange Your Free Golf Movement Screening.

Click the link above, or contact us on 201-746-9966 to arrange your Free Golf Movement Screening today.

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A Warning To Golfers Struggling With Mobility And Pain