Take back control of your life with knee recovery solutions that work

Are you tired of living with persistent knee pain? Struggling to kneel, run, or perform at your highest potential?  Or maybe you have a deep family history of knee arthritis and are looking to prevent joint deterioration…  Whatever your motivation, here at Next Level Physio in Cary, NC we offer best-in-class physical therapy solutions tailored specifically for you.  Our expert team of clinicians is standing by and ready to tackle your knee pain using cutting-edge assessment and treatment strategies that WORK.  Our mission?… to prioritize your unique goals and get you back to an active, happy, and healthy lifestyle. 

Combining years of clinical experience with the latest evidence-based research, we develop a custom program designed just for you.  Whether you’re a top-level athlete recovering from an ACL reconstruction or an adult preparing for an active retirement, we will work to rid your life of knee pain, optimize your physical health, and elevate your performance.

Your Trusted Partner in Overcoming Knee Pain

Have you tried:

Arthroscopic procedures?
Run-of-the-mill physical therapy?

…and still no relief?

Did your last provider ever explain the root cause of your issue or even mention why you may be having knee pain in the first place? 

Many providers and treatments only focus on a “body-part” approach looking at joints, muscles, and pain in isolation.  But not here.  The body works in unison and we must treat it as such.  In the case of the knee, expect our providers to assess your core strength, your ribcage, your hip stability, your hip and ankle mobility, and your overall posture to determine potential system-wide contributors to your knee issues.  Whether you have pain actively or are hoping to prevent knee issues in the future, we will cue you in on modifiable movement dysfunctions that may be negatively affecting your knee function.  

Assessment within the context of movement as a whole

Hands-On therapy

At Next Level Physio, we truly believe our providers offer the best physical therapy for knee pain in Cary.  From the second you walk in our door, expect a professional yet friendly approach and an elevated standard of rehabilitative care.  Beginning with our free discovery visit, we encourage all prospective clients to come into the clinic and have a candid discussion about your history, your goals, and treatments that may have failed you in the past.  From there, we will complete a free total body analysis (TBA) to assess your movement as a whole and uncover any underlying causes of your issues.

Total body means total body.  Our practitioners will walk you through system-wide contributors to knee pain and strategies to streamline them.  Are you struggling to maintain good nutrition? Having trouble getting into a good sleep routine? Stumbling through your training schedule?   …We get it, and we can help!

Comprehensive offerings to get you where you need to be

We’ve got you covered with a broad range of physical therapy treatments tailored to your specific needs.  Struggling with knee pain? Here are some of the methods we use to get our patients back on track:

IASTM Technique
Blood Flow Restriction Training 
✔ Dry Needling 
✔ Cold Laser
✔ Therapeutic Exercise
✔ Manual Therapy 
… and more!

    A recovery focused around you and your wellness

    Besides our top-tier knee treatment strategies, expect your entire body to be addressed during Next Level care. Going through rehab doesn’t mean your fitness routine needs to come to an abrupt halt.  For every client we work with, we provide individualized programming to not only address your pain, but also to keep the rest of your body healthy and strong as you go through the recovery process.  We know rehab can be long, which is why we coach you on what you CAN and SHOULD be doing to keep your body in its best physical condition as you recover.  Ready to become the best version of yourself? Come out of rehab stronger than ever with an approach that prioritizes YOU.