A systematic approach to solving complex and chronic challenges in runners and lifelong athletes who want to continue doing what they love…for life.

Move. Excel. Inspire.

Why We Developed the MEI Method

At the heart of the MEI Method is a critical question: Why do conventional physical therapy approaches often leave athletes and runners in a cycle of recurring pain and injury? Through 25 years of practice and observation, we’ve identified several key factors.

The Dual Diagnosis Oversight

Traditional physical therapy often addresses only the immediate symptoms—be it knee pain, hip discomfort, or back issues—without properly identifying and treating the root causes.  These underlying issues can range from mechanical dysfunctions such as pelvic and rib cage asymmetries to lifestyle factors such as training volume,  recovery, sleep, nutrition, and hormonal imbalances.  At Next Level Physio, we prioritize understanding both the symptoms and their underlying cause, ensuring a holistic path to recovery.

Outdated Methods and Modalities

The reliance on antiquated treatment methods that fail to deliver results is another critical shortfall in traditional rehabilitation. This realization led us to develop our ReGen Physio program, which incorporates the latest in rehabilitative science, continually evolving to incorporate innovative treatments that propel our clients from recovery back to their peak performance.

Insufficient Progression

A third common pitfall in conventional therapy is the underestimation of progression intensity. Whether rehab professionals don’t have access to the appropriate equipment or are simply hesitant to do so, we continue to see overly cautious rehabilitation programs that don’t match the physical demands of their clients’ sports. Our approach is different. We believe in appropriately challenging our clients with a progressive loading program that mirrors the intensity of their activities, ensuring a return to sport that is both safe and effective.

Lack of a Comprehensive Return-to-Sport Plan

Finally, the absence of a strategic return-to-sport phase in many physical therapy programs leaves athletes unprepared for the rigors of their activities.  Achieving an 80% improvement, having full pain resolve, or being able to run in a straight line for 30 minutes are not appropriate measures of return-to-sport readiness.  Our MEI Method addresses this gap with a robust test and retest phase, ensuring that athletes can meet the demands of their sport with confidence and maintain proper biomechanics throughout.

The MEI Method Broken Down

Move: The Foundation

The Move phase is where the journey begins. It’s about retraining the brain and the body to move without pain, addressing and correcting the imbalances that contribute to injury. This phase is crucial because true rehabilitation starts only when the pain stops. Yet, it’s often where traditional therapies end, leaving athletes vulnerable to re-injury.  Our comprehensive assessment and treatment in the Move phase lay the groundwork for a successful recovery and a return to the activities our clients love.

Excel: Building Strength & Resilience

The Excel phase focuses on loading and exposing the previously injured structures to carefully calibrated stress. This phase is about building strength and stability and securing the foundational tissue health needed for peak performance.  By progressively loading the body and simulating the stresses of sport-specific activities, we prepare our clients for the demands of their chosen activities, ensuring a seamless transition back to full participation.

Inspire: Surpassing Limits

Inspire, the final phase of the MEI Method, is where the magic happens. It’s not just about returning to sport; it’s about exceeding previous limits. Through rigorous testing and retesting, we ensure our clients are not just ready to return to their sport but are also positioned to perform better than ever. This phase embodies our belief that with the right foundation, athletes can achieve levels of performance they never thought possible.

Real stories, real results.

Our method is proven through the stories of those we’ve helped. From CrossFit athletes who’ve returned stronger post-injury, to soccer players who’ve overcome recurring hamstring issues, our clients’ successes highlight the effectiveness of the MEI Method. These stories aren’t just testimonials; they’re proof of what’s possible when recovery is approached holistically, with a clear focus on the individual’s goals and the demands of their sport.

Why MEI Works

The MEI Method works because it addresses the shortcomings of traditional physical therapy by focusing on the whole person, not just the injury. It’s a system that evolves with our understanding of rehabilitation science and is tailored to the specific needs and goals of our clients. At Next Level Physio, we’re not just treating injuries; we’re redefining what recovery means for athletes and runners over 40, enabling them to pursue their passions without limits.