Unlock Your Body’s Full Potential with Next Level Physio’s ReGen Physio Program

We have one life to live and one body to take us through the journey.  There is no time like the present to tap into your true potential, accelerate your recovery, and elevate your performance.  That’s why here at Next Level Physio, we have developed the ReGen Physio Program, a next-level offering consisting of top-of-the-line modalities, customized supplement recommendations, and expert guidance to help you achieve your movement and wellness goals.  This cutting-edge program was designed to provide our clients with end-to-end guidance and tools to help them move their best and feel their best.  

Are you an active person who wants to recover faster, perform better, and feel your best? If so, the ReGen Physio Program from Next Level Physio may be the perfect solution for you. Achieve your goals and get back to the activities you love with innovative and tailored whole-body wellness offerings from a team you can trust.

Transform Your Health and Fitness

Our expert teams in Woodcliff Lake NJ, Montclair, NJ, and Cary, NC may hold some differences but they share a common belief that you should never settle for anything less than greatness.  We see you giving your all in the office and on the homefront.  Your health and fitness should be no exception.  Give your body the environment it needs to heal, refuel, and perform at its highest capacity with the help of professional-guided care at Next Level Physio.

Whether you’re simply looking to recover faster or hoping to make a more transformative change in your wellness, our Regen Physio Program has customized options to achieve all ambitions.  Each modality we offer is grounded in evidence-based research with various services available to promote tissue regeneration, improve recovery, and reduce unneeded muscle tension.

What We Offer

  •  Shockwave therapy
    This non-invasive treatment uses high-energy sound waves to stimulate healing and tissue regeneration. It’s ideal for people recovering from injuries or surgeries, as well as those dealing with chronic pain.
  • Cold laser therapy (NJ)
    This low-level laser treatment can reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms, making it a great option for people dealing with muscle injuries or chronic pain, strains, sprains, and post-surgery pain.
  • Blood flow restriction therapy (BFRT)
    This technique uses specialized bands to limit blood flow to a muscle, creating a training stimulus that can improve strength and endurance. It’s an effective way to enhance muscle growth and performance, recover from hard workouts, improve endurance performance without stressing joints, and accelerate post-surgery muscle atrophy.
  • Performance E-Dry Needling
    This form of acupuncture targets trigger points in the muscles, helping to release tension and reduce pain. It’s great for people dealing with strains, sprains, chronic pain, arthritis, headaches, or muscle tension.
  • Active E-Cupping (NC)
    This therapy uses suction to help increase blood flow and relieve muscle tension. It’s a great option for people looking to improve their overall muscle health and function, reduce stiffness in muscles, and muscle strains.

Ready to discover how the Next Level ReGen Physio Program can transform your wellness?