Are you a dedicated runner hoping to enhance your performance, prepare for an upcoming race, or recover from running-related issues?  If so, you’ve come to the right place!  Here at Next Level Physio, we are the area’s go-to choice for runner’s physical therapy in Cary, NC.  Our expert team of clinicians is specially prepared to assess, diagnose, and effectively treat the unique issues faced by active runners.  Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an ultramarathoner, our comprehensive care will get you back on the track, trail, or pavement and performing at your best.

Unleash Your Full Running Potential

As any runner will tell you, running is without a doubt one of the best forms of exercise.  Convenient, portable, and 100% free, running is a feel-good activity that just about anyone can partake in.  The problem with running is that it doesn’t come without its risks.  Between overuse injuries, ankle sprains, and faulty biomechanics, runners are subject to a variety of issues that can hold them back from performing at their best.

That’s where we come in.  Our goal is to keep you striving for those weekly miles and outperforming your PR, all while staying injury-free.  No matter where you are on your running journey (beginner, casual, or diehard), we can help improve your biomechanics, recover from injury, and learn the most efficient running techniques to keep you on track for a long and healthy running future.

Why Choose Next Level Physio for Your Running Rehabilitation?

Runner-Centric Approach to Care

We understand the unique demands that running places on the body.  We also know how important running is for your mental and physical well-being.  Our runner-centric approach means that your treatment plan is designed for your unique running goals and challenges.  We will work around your race schedule, provide a plan based on our clinical experience and expertise, and educate you on appropriate exercise that keeps you healthy and strong as you go through your recovery.  Our programming goes beyond generic exercises, focusing on everything from nutrition to training schedules to running technique training programs.  Don’t fall for cookie-cutter programming or short-term fixes, get the dedicated care you deserve to feel your best and perform at your highest potential.

Total Body Assessment

Running is a total body activity demanding engagement and strength in your core, spinal stabilizers, hips, legs, and feet.  With so much complexity in the biomechanics of running, effective rehabilitation should look at your injury within the context of movement as a whole versus an isolated part.  Starting at your initial visit with Next Level Physio, expect a total body analysis that looks at everything from your running biomechanics to breathing strategies, nutrition, mobility, and strength. 

End-to-End Solutions From Recovery to Sports Performance

Whether you’re struggling with chronic Achilles tendonitis or hoping to qualify for the Boston Marathon, Next Level has end-to-end solutions to help you heal, rebuild, and optimize your movement.  Join us as we shift the narrative on what physical therapy can offer.  Don’t wait until injuries occur to improve your running form.  From recovery to performance, our system guarantees you are well-cared for from start to finish.  Don’t just get to 80% improvement… return to the pavement at 110% with added confidence, strength, and clarity on what effective programming actually looks like.

Your Journey to Peak Performance Starts Here

Step 1: Free Discovery Visit

Join us for our free discovery visit.  Let’s discuss your goals and review your history then set the expectations for what next level care looks like

Step 2: Runner’s Assessment

Our in-depth running analysis goes beyond standard assessment.  Combining our advanced knowledge and integrated technology, we can effectively assess and break down your biomechanics, stride, and overall technique.

Step 3: Tailored Treatment Plan

Based on the information gathered, your dedicated doctor of physical therapy will curate a customized treatment plan that includes targeted exercises, advanced modalities, and manual interventions to get you moving and feeling your best.

Step 4: Empowerment and Ongoing Support

Our goal is to consistently educate and empower our clients with tools and strategies that keep them healthy for the long run.  Our commitment doesn’t end when your pain goes away.  Through sports performance offerings, our Level-Up transitional program, and ongoing support, you’ll keep finding your runner’s high for years to come.

Step 5: Goals Achieved

Reclaim the joy of running and achieve your personal best with our dedicated support and expertise.  Find your pathway to success with running-specific care at Next Level Physio.