Performance Electro-Dry Needling at Next Level Physio

Our approach here at Next Level Physio is always whole-body focused with our dry needling treatment being no exception.  Dry needling has gained immense popularity over the past decade, with increasing evidence pointing to its efficacy in reducing trigger points, decreasing myofascial pain, and even preventing future injury.  As we seek to be leaders in proactive versus reactive care, our expert team of clinicians skillfully incorporates dry needling into our treatment plans to both reduce pain AND improve performance.   Remember you don’t have to be in pain to take control of your health.  We seek to optimize our clients’ movement potential so they can move their best, feel their best, and live long fulfilling lives.

What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a therapeutic intervention involving the insertion of a thin monofilament needle into a trigger point or research-based point with the goal of relaxing taut bands, reducing pain, and improving local circulation.   It can be performed by physicians, chiropractors, and doctors of physical therapy with advanced training in the procedure.

What sets our dry needling offerings apart from the rest

At Next Level Physio, we’re always taking our therapeutic offerings to the next level in order to get our clients the most widespread and longest-lasting results.  Maybe you’ve tried traditional dry needling and it didn’t work or it only gave you short-term benefits. We incorporate the latest evidence-based practice and a whole-body approach to both address the symptoms and prevent them from coming back.

E-dry needling 

Perhaps the biggest differentiator between our dry needling and a traditional PT clinic is the incorporation of electrical stimulation during the treatment.  Numerous studies have shown that dry needling plus electricity is superior to non-electrical dry needling.  The effective area is much greater when you attach electricity to the needles, especially when addressing larger muscle groups and stubborn muscle, ligament, joint, or tendon issues.

Trigger points vs. research-based needle points

Additionally, here at Next Level we focus on research-based needle points versus just trigger points.  These research points have been shown to be more effective than only addressing the standard trigger points that most PT offices still use.  If you’re looking to maximize the benefit of the needles, needling these specific points is your best bet for the best results.

Many needles vs. 1 or 2 needles

The research is also clear that many needles work better than 1 or 2 needles at a time.  We often hear how patients did not benefit from dry needling. When we ask further, patients often tell us that they were given only one or two needles (and no electricity). 

One body part vs. multi-regional approach

Sadly, just as they do with their general treatment approach, most traditional PT practices only focus on one body part.  Last time I checked, we are not just body parts and most issues involve whole body movement and multiple regions of your body.

While dry needling is an extremely valuable modality in our clinical skill set, we acknowledge that it is only one part of an effective and comprehensive treatment plan.  While our short-term goal is to relieve your symptoms, our ultimate focus is to identify and address the root cause of your issues to give you results that actually last.

E-Dry Needling Assessment

Curious if dry needling is right for you? Give us a call! We provide free E-Dry Needling assessments to make sure you are appropriate for this regenerative modality. Effective dry needling performance requires thousands of hours of skill, training, and experience to understand when and how the modality is going to work and when it won’t.  Don’t want to waste your time or money on ineffective treatments.  Instead, let’s sit down, have a candid discussion, and perform a thorough assessment to give you the best options for your specific goals.

Correct. Maintain. Perform.

Our mission here at Next Level Physio is to help you STAY AHEAD of injuries, get you the fastest results, and coach you on how to maintain those results.  We understand you have a life to live, a job to perform, and a family to take care of and we make it our priority to get you moving and feeling your best so you can get back to the things that really matter.

Our performance E-Dry Needling is designed to help athletes and active people:

Stay loose and game-ready FAST
Steer clear of potential problem areas before they become serious
Become injury-resistant by releasing restrictions that limit your joint mobility and tissue flexibility 
Perform at their highest level

Imagine being able to run and not having to worry about having tight hips or calves.  Or, how about finally addressing those nagging tight areas of your back, neck, calves,  and hamstrings within minutes versus sitting on a foam roller or a lacrosse ball? 

With Performance E-Dry Needling, a physio expert will pinpoint where your tightness is actually coming from (hint: it ain’t your tight hamstrings) and get you feeling looser for much longer.

 Ready to learn more?

If you are ready to invest in your future self NOW, click here to learn more about how to schedule your performance E-DN Assessment, so that we can determine if this is the best approach to help you get to your next level!