27 Sep 2023

With all the success you’ve had in life, a sport like golf can really be humbling.

The highs and lows within those 18 holes can sometimes feel worse than losing a deal at work or missing out on an entrepreneurial opportunity.

While the general population thinks of golf as the epitome of leisure and relaxation, if you’ve played for any number of years, you know the real truth about golf!

Unless you’re playing best ball, it’s intense, especially if you’re with a highly skilled crowd at your tee time.

And, physically, playing for hours at a time can occasionally leave you feeling like you've been run over by a golf cart if you're not careful! 

Even if you're not a professional athlete, the occasional golfer can suffer from aches and pains. But our golf physio approach at Next Level Physio is your secret weapon to elevate your golf game to new heights.

While everyone hears about “golfers elbow,” which is pain on the inside of your elbow, many of the clients we’ve treated, typically complain about back, hip, and knee pain.

Let’s review the common areas of interest as they pertain to the “seriously recreational” golfer. 

And, by the way, if you’re a golf pro reading this article, please reach out to us for a meeting to see how we can help your tribe stay in the game for the long haul by clicking here.

Our journey together begins with a comprehensive assessment of…not your symptoms

Before we even scratch the surface, we need to talk about YOU.

  • Why did you even come to see us? 
  • What was the urgency to come to see our expert team now?
  • What solution or result were you hoping to get out of PT that you haven’t already tried?  
  • What is your next level result?

Our experienced team of physios at Next Level Physio takes the time to explore your medical history, lifestyle…and dreams. 

“I never thought I would be able to use my driver ever again, which was frustrating. That said,  I never thought I would drive 300 yards either since working with Dr. Jerry and his team.  My golf buddies are jealous and trying to find out how they can work with Dr. Jerry’s team, too!” -Matt 

By delving into the root causes of your limitations in playing golf, we can create a customized plan that addresses not only the symptoms but also the underlying issues.

Solving Two Diagnoses for Golfer’s Elbow

At Next Level Physio, we believe that the path to overcoming injuries, setbacks, or plateaus, involves treating two diagnoses- 

  1. your “symptoms-” which are what clients typically come to see us for
  2. the SOURCE of your symptoms

That’s why we use a “tailor-made” recovery and performance program unique to your needs.   

With golfers and athletes, in particular, we also want to connect with your golf pro to make sure your technique isn’t the “root cause” of your symptoms.  It really is a team approach to helping you stay on the greens!

Avoiding the "Forearm Fail": Dealing with Elbow Pain**

Golfer's elbow might sound like an exclusive club, but it's actually a common issue among golf enthusiasts. Those repetitive divots can take a toll on your forearm muscles, leading to discomfort, not to mention white-knuckling the golf club! 

Physical therapy steps in as your ace in the hole, strengthening these muscles and fine-tuning your rotation, power, and control. 

Mastering the Fairway: Banishing Lower Back Pain

The fairway isn't always as friendly as it seems. Lower back pain is an all-too-familiar hazard for golfers, and unfortunately, athletes are often told that, “well, it must be because you have poor posture or a weak core.”


In fact, did you know that most low back pain doesn’t start at the low back? Read my blog on why am I  still having low back pain. 

Here, think of your team at Next Level Physio as your most trusted caddy, helping you maintain the best alignment and bidding adieu to those nagging aches and pains. 

Our back assessment always starts with a deep dive discussion and investigation into you; we want to know things like how you breathe, stress levels, sleep, protein intake.

No more reaching for the Advil bottle after the 9th hole – let your swing do the talking!

Shouldering Success: Defeating Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries might try to rain on your golf parade, but physical therapy steps up as your shield against them. Strengthening and enhancing the muscles and joints that support the shoulder within the constraints of your shoulder blade (scapula), ribcage, and pelvis is the name of the game. 

Say farewell to impingement syndrome and hello to a full range of motion. This could be your ticket to a more confident, injury-free swing.

Grip and Grin: Tackling Wrist and Hand Pain

Wrist and hand injuries can be real handicaps for golfers. The repetitive nature of your swing can cause strain and discomfort. 

Here, physical therapy's toolkit includes techniques to boost the strength and flexibility of those oft-neglected muscles. Bid adieu to "handicap" and embrace a smoother, more powerful swing.

A Swing for Success: Boosting Your Game with Physical Therapy at Next Level Physio of WoodCliff Lake, NJ

Beyond injury prevention, physical therapy can actually level up your golf game. By enhancing your range of motion, strength, mobility, and flexibility, you're setting the stage for a fluid, graceful swing. 

This not only reduces the risk of injury but can also significantly improve your overall performance. Imagine the satisfaction of impressing your friends with your newfound golf finesse!

Coupled with working with your favorite golf pro, we know you’ll get the most of your time spent off the course to keep you swinging with success.  

Let us help you to be or stay as the golf buddy who everyone wants to swing like. ;)

Injury-Free Golf: Let Physical Therapy be Your Guide

At the end of the day, don't let injuries disrupt your love affair with the game. We know that for many golfers, golf is the social club and/or mental health maintenance. 

With the guidance of physical therapy, you can enjoy golf without the worry of nagging pains and discomfort. Whether you're a casual golfer playing best ball or aiming for the local club championship, embracing physical therapy can help you become the golfing champion you aspire to be.

Ready to Tee Off on Your Pain-Free Golf Journey?

Are you ready to take your golf game to the next level? Say goodbye to aches and pains that hinder your swings and start a new chapter with physical therapy. Ready to take the plunge? 

Click here to today for a completely-free total golfers”assessment (valued at $199). Let's unlock your golf potential together and put those pains and limits behind you for good.

Golfers’ Guide: How Physical Therapy Can Keep You Swinging Pain-Free