If you’re an athlete, active adult, or general “go-getter”, it can be quite frustrating to feel that you’re performing at anything less than your best. 

With a healthcare system focused on short-term, assembly-line care, it also can be easy to wonder if recovery is even possible.  But here at Next Level Physio in Washington Township, NJ, we are the leaders in performance physical therapy and sports performance.  Offering full-service solutions from injury prevention to physical therapy to our Regen physio program, we help individuals throughout the health continuum meet and exceed their wellness goals.  

Good enough is never enough.  Partner with one of our expert providers who will help you achieve a full recovery using cutting-edge technology, skilled hands-on treatments, and years of clinical experience.  You’ve worked hard to get to where you’re at… don’t settle for anything less than gold-standard care to get results that LAST.

Real Stories, Real Results.

Everyone at the Next Level Physio was dedicated, committed and invested in my recovery. From the moment I walked in, I felt I was dealing with a team of professionals on top of their game. The quality of care exceeded my expectations by a mile. Having had physical therapy at other locations over the years, I can say with full confidence these guys are the best.

Gary Flom— Patient

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Redefine Your Limits With Breakthrough Performance PT

Many of our clients have found us after feeling failed or less than impressed with traditional medical offerings.  But like you, we are athletes and high-achievers always striving to be our best.  Here at Next Level, we THRIVE on solving complex problems for runners, athletes, and active individuals hoping to stay active and prevent injury.  Whether you’re looking to uncover the root cause of your chronic issues or find a total body performance boost, we are here to guide you forward in your health and wellness journey.

A partnership in health to go beyond recovery


Physical therapy works best when both the provider and client are 100% invested in the treatment plan and accountable for the results.  We promise to bring our A-game to every treatment session so we can get you the outcomes you deserve.


Knowledge is power and we want to educate you and empower you throughout the course of your care.  Together, let’s uncover why you’re performing less than your best and what the underlying cause of your symptoms may be. 


We are committed to results and won’t settle for anything less than full recovery or peak performance.  From total body analyses to expert-guided care to wellness programming that keeps you in tip-top shape beyond classic rehabilitation, we want to be your partners throughout your health journey.

Active recoveries for an active community

Our performance-based physical therapy is available for athletes at every level.  Whether you’re a soccer pro or a weekend warrior, we understand your need and desire to stay active and perform at the highest level.  While injuries may be an inherent risk in sports, they don’t have to keep you sidelined or inactive for weeks or months at a time.  Instead, work with a professional who understands sports movement, impacts on the body, and realistic strategies to keep you in the gym while allowing the body to recover.

Remember too, you DON’T have to be in pain to optimize your movement.  Performance PT isn’t just about recovering from surgery or injury, it’s about implementing proactive measures to enhance overall athletic performance and prevent injuries BEFORE they occur.  Join us as we fine-tune your movement for peak efficiency and work collaboratively to develop tailored training plans to help you reach your next level.

What We Offer

  1. A detailed, totally free Total Body Analysis (valued at $199) that gets down to the root of your issues
  2. An individualized one-on-one approach
  3. Blood flow restriction training
  4. Cold laser therapy
  5. Performance E-dry needling
  6. Gait and running analysis
  7. Shockwave therapy
  8. Active cupping techniques
  9. Kinesio Therapeutic taping
  10. IASTM Technique Treatment
  11. Tailored & hands-on corrective exercises 
  12. Personalized PhysEx Programming (PEP)
  13. Sports performance

…and so much more!